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Pulsin Energy Bar – Nutrition Product Review

Pulsin Energy Bars and Protein Snack Review


As a pair of vegan athletes we have gone through the trial and error battles of testing out energy bars of all types and variety.  Fortunately, over time, more and more businesses started offering innovative energy snacks and protein bars.  You could find vegan bars, paleo bars, raw bars, energy bites, even kosher bars, and some turned out better tasting than others.  Finding an healthy energy bar that was high in calories (we run ultramarathons… we need calories!), light weight, tasted yummy, digested well, and wouldn’t melt or crumble in a hiking or running pack for hours, was harder to find that you’d think.  Well we are happy to share with everyone a vegan energy bar that we absolutely love, that performs incredibly well, and tastes great!  Pulsin energy bars is based out of the UK and has formulated some amazing race fuelling products that we highly recommend.

Being entirely upfront, we are super proud to have partnered up with the team from Pulsin, who will be helping fuel the two of us through our challenging 2016 season.  Sponsorship or not, however, these bars would likely be the primary energy bar in the Ultra Mel and Jon kit, because we’ve been so happy with them.  So lets talk a bit about why we’ve become such fans of Pulsin’s vegan protein bars!


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Pro’s of Pulsin Bars

Solid Protein

There rarely seems to be a middle ground when it comes to protein levels in energy bars.  Some bars are very “lean and healthy” and only offer up 4 grams per bar, then there are your good old protein packed weight gainer super bars will an obscene amount of protein that let’s face it, you likely aren’t absorbing.  Pulsin protein bars range from 5-13 grams of protein per bar, so you can choose what bar will be best for you depending on your days activity levels.


energy bar for running and hikingHigh in Calories

For a small nutritional bar that weighs only 50g, Pulsin bars pack anywhere between 200 to 230 calories, so they are an amazing bang for your buck when you consider how heavy they are to carry versus how much fuel they provide you to keep on pushing.

Bars Won’t Melt

None of the Pulsin snacks (at least the ones we’ve tried so far) have been coated in chocolate or any type of coating that will melt in a pack.  The bars that do contain bits of vegan chocolate (Mint Chocolate is our favourite!), still won’t melt enough to cause any sort of mess when you rip it open to eat during a run or hike, even in extremely hot temperatures.

Interesting Snack Flavoursflavours of Pulsin protein snacks

Flavour and taste are very important factors. Especially when you are halfway through running an ultra marathon race, and your taste buds and cravings can be very specific.  The super diverse flavours the Pulsin has came up with are incredible.  Mint chocolate chip, raspberry and goji, maple and peanut butter, talk about hitting cravings spot on!  All of the Pulsin flavours we’ve tried so far have been super tasty, yet still not overwhelming, making it easy to eat them regularly as a daily snack or while out on training runs.

Bar Texture

An important factor that tends to throw me off energy bars really quick.  The texture of Pulsin bars vary between each flavour, which is super nice, as some will have chocolate chips, some have peanut chunks, but all have at least given us that feeling of eating real food rather than some highly processed puree moulded into a bar shape.


Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soya Free, Non GMO, Low GI/GL

I don’t think we need to say much more on this one, basically, they are great for people with dietary restrictions!


Made Using Renewable Energy

The Pulsin brand is one of the key reasons we have partnered up with them.  You can tell from simply looking at their packaging that the team at Pulsin are good authentic people down to their core.  They make their products using renewable energy and in a gluten free facility.  Check out their website to read more about this company.


environmentally friendly energy snack pulsing


Any Con’s to Pulsin Bars?

We always try to give critical feedback both for the companies who make products we review, and to give everyone reading an honest both sided review, but with Pulsin we were coming up pretty empty on this.  I will say that pick your flavours according to what you like the best, because while the ones you don’t fancy too much will still taste great, these bars are not a substitute for a candy bar, so won’t simply put a smile on your face because they taste like sugary heaven.  Straight up, I tend to eat less of the orange chocolate chip bars, while Mel eats less of the raspberry and goji chocolate brownies.  We both like the flavours, but orange + chocolate has never been my favourite, and same for Mel.  Which is why we will recommend, grab for your favourites, sure try out the others, I never thought I would like the mint chocolate chip, but I love that bar now!


Would We Recommend Pulsin Bars?

Absolutely! While the Pulsin bars have just recently landed in North America for distribution, they are an amazing energy bar if you can get your hands on them.  For everyone in Canada, you can find most of the Pulsin products on Amazon.




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