December 2, 2015

Harvest Foodworks Dehydrated Meals – Product Review

Harvest Foodworks – The Best Dehydrated Food for Runners

About to embark on a running or hiking journey off the grid? Food is a big thing to consider and planning it out can be a daunting task. Even thoughHarvest foodworks dehydrated food hiking there are tons of freeze-dried meal companies out there, finding ones that are healthy, light-weight, meet your dietary restrictions, AND taste good…can become the most frustrating 3 hrs spent browsing the internet.

We were lucky enough to come across Harvest Foodworks. A freeze-dried and dehydrated meal company based out of Ontario that formulates the best food for outdoor adventure enthusiast. Every single one of their entrees is vegetarian! And if you’re concerned about protein when you see that…..keep reading.

We first came across this company when prepping for Racing The Planet’s Madagascar Roving Race in 2014. With the strict criteria of light weight, high calorie, and vegan-friendly foods…Jon and I were ecstatic when we came across Harvest Foodworks. After being enthralled by their ingredient list, we ordered some to try out and loved them to the point we wanted to cook with them every night at home. The flavours were rich and tasty, we felt full after each meal, and come race time, dispite running over a marathon each day, we never experienced any GI issues.  These highlights are rare and absolutely invaluable to an ultra athlete running a multiday event!

Harvest Foodworks Meal Choices

There is a wide variety of entrees, sides and desserts to choose from, which we will most definitely be packing for our future stage races or expeditions. Below are some of our favourites plus what makes them ideal for any athlete or adventurer….

dehydrated food Nutrition Facts harvest food works

Couscous Almondine Nutrition Facts

  • Couscous Almondine: Calorie punch! With 530 cal per serving you can easily refuel yourself and the 25g of protein help make for a quick recovery so you can get out and at it the following day.
  • Oriental Sweet and Sour: Tangy, sweet, and spicy! A killer flavour you will not get sick of. With soy in the mix, it has a great protein hit
  • Instant Dal Delight (Tadka Dal Lentil Curry): My all-time favourite! I LOVE Indian food and this recipe is bang on. This bag is filled with powerhouse ingredients like ginger (sooth the stomach after intense activity), turmeric (anti-inflammatory), and ghee (to help drive all of these beneficial ingredients into your cells.
  • Chili Mexicana: A spicy bean and tomato sauce combo. When the temp starts to drop as the sun begins to creep down, this one is the perfect dinner to boost your circulation with the help of some spicy cayenne.

    harvest foodworks back packing meals, 4 deserts Chile


    Harvest Foodworks product review dried food

    Harvest Foodwork’s NEW Cranberry Risotto

So to say the least, we are very impressed not only with the ones we’ve tried and tested to some of the most extreme limits but also the selection that Harvest Foodworks has. The above are only 4 out of 18 entrees. In addition, they offer 4 different types of each of the following: Side dishes, Soups, Vegetables, Desserts, Breakfast and Cooking Compliments… come to a grand menu of 42 different products from Harvest Foodworks.

If you have a race, hike, or general excursion coming up and want some quality food; Harvest Foodworks is a good option to look into.

~Run Free~
Mel and Jon

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best dehydrated food for running

Oh and one thing we forgot to mention, the folks who make Harvest Foodworks are incredible!  It’s the first time we’ve ever seen anyone write on the packaging “Please reuse this package”!!

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