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Biosteel Sports Drink Product Review

Athletic Supplement Product Review – Biosteel Sport Drink

biosteel athletic supplement

I was lucky enough yesterday to try out one of Biosteel’s products. Jon and I were sent some samples of the Biosteel classic athletic sports drink mix to give a trial run during my workouts. The small single pack sizes contain B vitamin complexes, which are great for energy maintenance. In the ingredients list is also a multiple amino acids (L-Leucine, L-IsoLeucine, Glycine, Taurine, L-Glutamine, L-Valine). And lastly, Biosteel contains an organic mineral matrix and other ingredients like celtic sea salt, deliver a hit of electrolytes. I had a tough interval run lined up and then was headed to the rock climbing wall immediately after so needed all the help I could get to keep my energy and electrolyte levels up. I put one Biosteel packet in roughly 750 ml of water. About 15 minutes before I started drinking the mix and was done at the finish of my run. Here’s some of the pros and cons I found with the product…

Biosteel Pro’s

–       Single packets make it easy to throw in packs and bring on runs/races

–       ORGANIC mineral matrix! Can’t say I’ve ever seen a completely organic mineral blend before, or at least in any performance drink mix I’ve ever tried.

–       Awesome taste! Has a berry/bubblegum taste but not so overpowering that it becomes sickening

–      Great for people like me who are not fans of carbonated mineral/electrolyte supplements (ie. Nuun)

–       Vegan friendly amino acid blend and gluten-free for those concerned about that

–       Mixes readily in water…no residue left over and didn’t stain my water bottle

–       There are no artificial colours, they solely use red beet powder


Biosteel Con’s

–       Doesn’t offer a significant amount of calories, carbohydrates or fats so could not be a sufficient primary source for energy intake during an ultra

–       Does contain an artificial sweetener (sucralose)

–       Almost TOO good in taste haha…had to restrain myself from drinking the whole bottle before I even started my run


“I would definitely use Biosteel again!”

The taste won me over the most; it helped me increase my water intake since it was more appealing to me than plain water. Try it out for yourself, get your Biosteel Performance Sports Drink

– Mel

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