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Prairie Naturals – Vegan Supplements and Superfoods

Since setting our sights on becoming ultra marathon runners we have both changed our diet significantly.

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From western dieters consuming meat two or more times a day we decided to cut out red meat.  One of the big reasons for trying to cut out the red meat came from a statement out of the powerful movie “Forks Over Knives” which stated that statistically if the land that was used for our beef industry worldwide was converted to cropland to grow vegetables and fruits, the world hunger problem could be wiped out!!

After about a month we realized that we had only eaten chicken and turkey a couple of times so we figured we could go one step further.  Next it was the world of vegetarianism.  The only thing we continued to eat was fish, primarily for the healthy oils.  This is when we really opened our eyes to what the plant based diet would really consist of.

Next, we watched a short documentary about an animal conservatory which took in mistreated farm animals.  This video showed some pretty graphic and straight forward footage about the treatment of some livestock. Now by all means, we know that this footage isn’t apparent in every industry and for every producer. There are many producers that are very welfare conscious and do an amazing job at raising healthy livestock correctly and all the credit to them.

prairie naturals hemp protein veganSo when we decided to switch to a plant based diet it was not solely based on just moral reasons but also on a health basis too. We had done lots of research on the benefits of being vegan and were thoroughly impressed by other athletes that went down the vegan route such as Scott Jurek.  It’s been about a full year now eating vegan and we feel incredible; we have blasted through our first season of ultra-marathon running; completing four races of 8o km or longer and have never been happier.

Where does Prairie Naturals come into our lives?

Well the longer we practice a certain discipline, whether it be a sport, a job, or a diet, we are constantly trying to improve, dial in, and strive to master it.  With a vegan diet, we began to look into the importance of natural and organic products and eventually the world of superfoods became very familiar to us. Being vegan takes a lot of research and planning. You could eat potato chips and candy and still technically be considered vegan but how healthy of a vegan are you? Things like chorella, spirulina or wheat grass would have made us cringe before; however, after trying these and a number of other products from Prairie Naturals, we can honestly say we regret not discovering them earlier and consuming them on a daily basis. They have an impressive amount of vegan friendly products from hemp/rice/soy proteins to L-glutamine and B12. All of which are incredibly important for a vegan athlete.

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Prairie Naturals is a company based out of British Columbia, Canada, and offers a wide range of nutritional and healthcare products.

Their employees are more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns you might have and always have your personal health at the top of their priority list. After speaking with Prairie Naturals representatives we are thoroughly impressed by how passionate these people are about their companies and ensuring the best health of their customers via quality products.

We are so happy to be able to partner with Prairie Naturals as they introduce their new vegan protein line as well as a great new list of natural superfoods.  Follow, like or visit Prairie Naturals and see how their amazingly clean products can find a way into your daily life.


Over the next few months we’ll be posting regularly as we incorporate a number of Prairie Natural products into our new race foods.  We are going to be doing a lot of experimenting with dried food which will be perfect for carrying in your packs while racing your next ultra or out camping with the family.  Here are some to check out:

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