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Vegan, Vegetarian, Herbivore … what are we???

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So many people ask us what we eat, how we eat and why we eat that way.  We’re happy to answer and engage in all kinds of conversations, some more hostile and defensive than others, but that’s just the human nature.  The tricky part we always find is that its difficult to answer these kinds of questions in a single word, which is what so many people are looking for.  So we will break it down as simply as we can…

What we eat?

Are we vegan – most of the time, are we gluten free – most of the time, do we eat raw – most of the time, no processed foods – most of the time.  The closest label we can use is “Vegan“, however since everyones’ body is different, we too make small exceptions when there is benefits to be had.  We eat as many fruits and vegetables as we can, in their most natural forms as possible.  Beans, lentils, vegan powders and some other grains provide us protein – grains, fruits and veggies (especially the dense root veggies during intense training) get us carb’d up – and nuts, seeds, oils and yummy avocados are our favourite healthy fats. Through our yoga teacher training and research we’ve really started looking into the Ayurveda diet as well and following some of their suggestions.

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How we eat? 

Liquid, raw, natural, organic, they all have their benefits and we try to incorporate a bit of everything.  We eat lots of food natural and raw, this gives the most bang for your buck when it comes to nutritional value, as you don’t lose any in the cooking process.  To up the calorie intake on long days, we blend up some healthy smoothies.  But this also gives your digestive system a break as the foods don’t need as much energy to utilize the food ingested.  Lastly, we always aim to eat organic and local when possible, but staying within the realms of reality.  Certain foods are more susceptible to carrying and holding onto the pesticides (The clean 15 vs. the dirty dozen) and living in Canada limits the availability to eat local through the long harsh winters.  For these reasons we do our best to find fresh organic foods, but when they simply aren’t available or are a bit too extremely priced, we divert back to regular foods and don’t stress ourselves out.




ghee butter healthy superfood ayurvedicExceptions in our Diet?

Our rule of thumb is to be an “A” student when it comes to cooking.  Anything less than an “A” and an athletes performance will start to be sub-par, but striving for an A+ might just stress you out to the point of perfomance inhibition as well.  We eat a mostly vegan diet however there are things that we include that aren’t.  Ghee (clarified butter) and honey (raw, unpasturized) both offer eat health and performance benefits for our lifestyles, and as long as they are coming from a clean and ethical source, the impacts are minimal in our eyes. We will also include cereal every now and then during times of highintensity or volume training, as we sometimes struggle to meet our daily calorie intake requirements.  We aim to find clean and low gluten cereals, however we find that keeping a low amount or gluten periodically in our diet, keeps our digestive systems capable of breaking it down properly.  That way if we are travelling or mid way through a race and we NEED to eat, if all thats avaiable is foods is a big honkin’ baguette, well we can indulge in it with out sending our digestive system completely out of whack!


Why do we eat the way we eat?  

We touched on our key point earlier, but we try not to stress ourselves out.  We slowly started eliminating meats, then fish, then dairy from our diet, and simply felt more energetic and healthy along the way.  Our promise to each other is that if the stress of eating a certain way ever outweighed the health benefits we got out of it, we’d look to change.  All we can say is try to eat the best foods you can, find them from the most sustainable and ethically sound sources as possible, and cook/prepare them in the most natural way, and your health will thank you for it!!

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Our message is quite simple — Don’t be afraid to eat out, just be careful when doing so.  Always be open to trying new foods, and always offer to share your recipes with others.  Really tune into your body when eating and be aware of how eat makes you feel after.

‘Eat what makes you happy, but always know what you are eating!’

No one person is exactly like the other, so everyone will always eat differently.  We open any questions or comments for discussion and we’ll keep looking for a “name” for our diet so its easier to label!! lol

Pura Vida

Mel and Jon 🙂

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