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Yurbud Ironman Inspire PRO – Gear Review


I’ve spent years searching for a quality pair of headphones that could stick with me through my diverse fitness regime.  Dozens of pairs of headphones later I think I have found a winner.  From the classic Apple earbuds to the noise cancelling types, all the way to the ear muffs and the behind the back of the head style, they all have their strengths but they all shower in weaknesses.  I needed a pair of head phones that could be versatile enough to run me through the trails, even when the temperature dips way below zero and the cord begins to freeze and stiffen, but small enough to stay out of the way while powering through a crossfit wod or gearing up with my biking gear.

The Yurbud Ironman Inspire PRO have impressed me for a number of reasons:

  1. The unique earbud shape is able to stay in your ear even through vigorous exercise, yet soft enough that it doesn’t cause pair even while compressed by a hat or headband.
  2. Quality of sound is far above your run of the mill headphones.
  3. The deep in ear design allows the sound to be played nicely into your ear, however still allows juuuuust enough outside noise through to maintain your awareness.  (**I can hear my music clearly while biking along the side of a busy street, yet can still hear a large transport truck creeping up behind me**)
  4. The V-shaped, 3 button control is worth its weight in gold when it allows you to adjust the volume and scroll through your playlist without touching your devise.

Can I say anything negative?? Well I did notice that when I was doing any type of crosstraining/crossfit style of exercised, you have to be aware of the in line controls and the clip if you have it on the wire.  Otherwise you might drop down onto your chest during a burpee, or bring down a barbell and jam these little pieces of plastic into your chest.  Other than this one situational downfall (which I’ve been able to adjust for) I haven’t ran into any issues.

These headphones will put you back about $60-80 depending on where you buy them, but in my opinion has proven to be worth every penny.  If you’re looking for something more affordable Yurbud has headphones with the unique earbud design but without the in cord controls, and if your looking for the Cadillac model, theres an upgraded Inspire model that is equipped with a kevlar cloth material on its cord to prevent tangling and the ability to adjust the level of noise cancelling.

I would recommend these headphones to pretty much anyone, as they are tough enough for the elite athletes out there, but also very comfortable and user friendly for someone who simply wants a pair of headphone to wear daily.

And who could forget to mention…these headphone look super badass!!!!


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