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Mel’s Yogi Adventures: Teacher Training Weekend 3 & 4

yoga teacher training tree of lifeWith this post comes a close to another two amazing weekends at Prana Yoga Studio Teacher Training. Jon and I hit a milestone by finishing our 1st teaching practicums which is making me realize that we are approaching the end of this training very fast with just 3 weekends left. These last two weekends were used to explore ayurveda, chakra, connective tissue, anatomy, and the nervous system . The complexity of yoga never ceases to amaze me and the copious amount of subliminal benefits it has to offer.

What really hit me this week was how unaware I really was of my body. Being an athlete, I thought I was pretty switched on when it comes to body awareness. However, after these trainings it came a lot more apparent that I am not nearly as body conscious as l I though to be.

Right now scan your posture by asking yourself these questions…

– Are your shoulders slightly hunched forward or are they drawn back into a straight alignment with your clavicle?

– Do your shoulder blades fall relaxed down your back or are they lifted up towards your ears?

– Is your spine rounding forward or aligned perfectly?

– Does your head reach forward or is it placed weightlessly on top of your spine?

mel and jon yoga teachers prana

Making my posture better though shouldn’t be a huge challenge to do as I personally think it just comes down to, well laziness for lack of a better word. When you have a chair back behind you why not just slant up against that to support yourself instead of engaging your back muscles to hold your own body up? Yup I’ve been completely guilty of this and it has become quite obvious through these YTT* weekends. Being seated on the floor cross-legged for a couple hours a day, you become aware pretty quick just how reliant you are on all of your back muscles when you have no chair/wall behind you to lean on. From day one till now of this YTT, I can honestly say I have notice improved posture and a substantial amount of more strength in my back. And no, I don’t believe you have to do yoga 18.5 hours of yoga every second weekend to see these benefits. In each yoga class, you’re constantly reminded to “draw the shoulders blades back”, “elongate the spine”, “slightly tuck your chin”, “tilt your pelvis under you”, etc. So whether you do a class once or 7 days a week, you are cued to pay attention to the alignment of your body.

Yoga teaches us to draw our attention to the sensations in our physical body. Yoga helps up to begin to dial into how you feel from the tissue level all the way till the cellular level of our bodies. We start to become sensitive to the sensations our breath creates in the fibres of our body with every inhale.  This is the beauty of yoga. We become increasingly conscious and begin to open up and notice things we once ignored. 


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