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Where do you get your protein???

I think most vegans can agree a popular question they get is “where do you get your protein?” Especially for Jon and I being vegan athletes, we are often thrown this question as it fathems some people that someone on a plant-based diet in heavy training could possibly meet their protein requirements.
  • Beans:

    • these little guys are packed with protein and the number of different kinds of beans out there won’t vegan protein sources plant-based athleteleave you getting bored.
  • Lentils:

    • I could eat cooked lentils by themselves; you don’t need any fancy sauce or spice to make these taste awesome.While they’re not a complete protein, lentils are a great source of amino acids, healthy carbs, and filling fiber. When combined with grains, they form a complete protein. They will keep hunger at bay and are easier to digest than larger beans.
  • Falafel:

    • mushed chickpeas and herbs…tastes better than it sounds
  • Spirulina:

    • a green that has a surprising protein packed bunch
  • Mushrooms:

    • I used to dread mushrooms, so much that I would careful dissect my food to pick out any little bit of mushroom, even if they were in itty bitty minced size pieces. But after reading of the benefits of mushrooms and learning to cook them the right way; I caved and came over to the fungi side
  • Nuts:

    • I LOVE almonds and walnuts and hazlenuts….pretty much any nut, which I think Jon could vouch for. I firmly believe nuts should have their own special section in the food pyramid.
  • Seeds:

    • Pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, chia, hemp…you name it
  • Plant based protein powders:

    • you would be shocked at the kind of plants and grains large amounts protein can be extracted from now. There’s everything form hemp to pea to amaranth protein out there now. Our favourites: Prairie Naturals Hemp and Rice Protein…non-GMO, organic, taste awesome and deliver a big hit of protein per small scoop.


Since we use protein powders in our daily routine, we decided to go a bit more in depth about them. We add them to lots of the foods we whip up (oatmeal, shakes, energy bites, muffins, etc.). So we did a little experiment and tested each of Prairie Naturals four different plant based protein powders solubility in water and in food (shake or oatmeal in this case). Here’s a break down of what we found…

prairie naturals protein ultra mel and jon


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