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Vitamix Blender Challenge

So what is the Vitamix Challenge?

We have recently bought a Vitamix blender from Costco and have had a blast experimenting with this new toy. We’ve been making everything from smoothies and soups, to rice milk and homemade peanut butter in our jet powered machine!  It’s a funny topic whenever it’s brought up to those who have one; they swear by it, saying it’s the best investment in their diet and health they’ve ever made. For those without one, they are blown away at the thought of spending over $500 on a blender.

Starting on Thanksgiving day, October 14, 2013, the two of us are going to set out to answer “How versatile can this blender really be and is an expensive Vitamix blender really worth the money?”  We will challenge ourselves to eat for 5 days only what we can make in our Vitamix.  Any and all foods are fair game (of course not deterring from our current vegan diet) as long as it is made/blended/chopped in our #UltraAwesome Vitamix. The theory is that by using a Vitamix, you are capable of breaking down some foods into smaller sized particles therefore making them easier for your body to absorb therefore allowing you to get bigger bang for you buck in the foods you buy. Makes sense…but is it really a noticeable difference? That’s what we’re hopefully going to find out.


Vitamix blender healthy athletes

We have accumulated recipe ideas from a variety of sources to give us a good start:

–       – Rich Roll’s ecookbook is purely plant based and a good chunk of the recipes call for using a Vitamix.

–       – Pinterest has grown to an astonishing source of information including lots of recipes for us to test out.

–       – And of course, our own creativity has led us to some delicious (and some not so successful) experiments.


We will be making some foods on a single serving basis and some in bulk quantities to last multiple days.  Our final day will also include a small road trip down to Calgary, which will force us to plan and prepare travel friendly foods for us to bring.  We want to truly be able to give people an idea of how convenient/difficult it may be to work this machine into someone’s day-to-day routine.

The majority of posts, recipes, video’s will be posted on our website at www.ultramelandjon.com, and will also be tracking things on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  Feel free to contact us if you have any recipe ideas, questions, or requests for what you’d like to see us try out!

Check out some of our recipes to try at home: Day 1 recipesDay 2 and 3 Recipes, and The Colours of Superfoods – Smoothie


And if you’re on the fence about buying yourself a Vitamix Blender, here was Our Verdict on the Vitamix

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