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Tips to Dating a Barefoot/Xero Runner

Barefoot/Xero runners are one of a kind. We are a special group of species that are just flat-out awesome to say the least…so who wouldn’t want to date one?

Here’s some tips to having a successful relationship with us one of a kind runners 😉

dating a barefoot runner

1. Do not, I repeat, do NOT comment on heelstriking if you see it ever happen: telling a barefoot runner they had a heel strike is more of an insult to a barefoot runner than calling them fat (which 99% of runners aren’t anyways). Even if you see that heel drop once, refrain from stating it because the runner probably already knows they did a little oopsie anyways. But if you do so happen to blurt it out, pull up a chair, because you will be getting a good lecture on how barefoot runners ‘never’ heel strike.minimalist running xero shoes

2. We LOOOVE foot massages:  Jumping straight into this one when you first start dating a barefoot runner however may be a bit of a no-no. Because of the extreme self-consciousness we have towards the state of our feet..we may feel a little awkward. But once you have been with each other for awhile, go for it! We probably get some of the sorest foot muscles out there.  Sure, the skin on our feet may not be the most enjoyable to touch but I can promise you, you will be repaid after 😉         (Bonus points if you throw in a calf massage too!)

3. We get even more moody than the typical runner when winter rolls around: No more trail running in barefoot sandals = no more chipper runner 24/7. Most trail runners would agree that running on treadmill inside just flat out sucks. But when you’re forced to run on one to be able to keep getting in the miles in your sandals…that ROYALLY sucks. So be cautious around us come the winter months. Best way to help alleviate a mood swing when it comes around?? refer back to #2…barefoot runner huarache sandals

4. If you ever get stuck in one of those awkward silent moments with us, just say the words “Born to Run”. This will automatically make us switch to full blown chatter box mode and although you still may be saying nothing as we blabber on, I can assure you, we will no longer think the moment is awkward.

5. Regarding the barefoot chickas – We like dates where we don’t have to be in heels for 8 hours. That doesn’t mean you can’t take us out to a nice restaurant still…just don’t one up us in the formal attire department. Otherwise we feel compelled to wear heels in which case we may resemble Bambi and you therefore become obliged to lend an escorting arm every time we walk as to make sure we don’t crack open our head.

6. Please do not call our running sandals “flip-flops”. These are far from a pair of Old Navy flip-flops. Call them “huaraches”, “Xeros”, “running sandals”, “invisible shoes”, etc….just not “flip-flops”. A comment like that could easily land you in the dog house.

dating a barefoot runner xero shoes


All-in-all: From this list I hope you take away at least one thing…the best kind of person to date out there is a BAREFOOT/XERO RUNNER 😉


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  1. Ed Haines

    Nice piece. However, comment 5 should be expanded. There is never a reason for wearing high heels. These medieval torture devices are only slightly less damaging than Chinese foot binding. Look up an X-ray of a foot in a high heel and take a vow to never again put on a hell more than 1 inch higher than the ball of your foot.

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