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Tenderfoot Boogie 50 Mile Ultra – Race report

Jonathan running xero shoes

This ultra marathon was a diamond in the rough!

The Tenderfoot Boogie 50 Mile Ultra is not highly promoted online, not too many people have heard of it, but for some reason that sort of low key reputation and style appeals to us.  The ultra marathon race itself is 50 mile (though they offer a 50Km, 28Km and a 13Km distance option also) starting in Squamish, BC and running through the trails paralleling the Sea to Sky highway all the way into the beautiful town of Whistler, BC.  With a net elevation gain of nearly 2100 ft. and a total elevation gain throughout the course of around 10,000 ft. runners are shown some breathtaking views while tackling some steep grades.

The 50 miler starts at the crack of dawn, pulling the trigger at 5AM, which for us worked well as we are naturally early risers and this way can take advantage of as much daylight running as possible.  The shorter distances start at staggered times and locations throughout the course, which we thought was a neat idea as runners would be joined along the route with new fresh and energetic participants and find new energy from within themselves.



mel trail running rocktapeThe aid stations along the course were typically every 10-12 km or so with one being a bit further.  They are minimally stocked but adequate for what you need.  The volunteers at the aid stations are more than happy to help however it didn’t seem like they were ultra runners themselves so you needed to ask them for things to get them to do it, sort of like a Nascar pit stop where you have to tell the team what tire to change, where to put the fuel in.  Minimal complaint none the less, might be a bit more crucial if this was a 100 miler but most racers in this one are still mentally “there”.



The finish is set up in a small park in what seemed like a more residential area of Whistler.  There was lots of snacks and drinks at the finish to dive into which was great!  The race director himself is at the finish to see everyone in, and chat a bit about what we thought of the course.  We felt a bit stranded up in Whistler needing to find a ride back to Squamish, however one of the fellow racers was kind enough to let us jump in with him, again highlighting the great grass roots friendliness this race carries through it.


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