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Spay Neuter Clinic – Hobbema

This past weekend we were able to join in to support the Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force  during their clinic in Hobbema, AB.  All weekend long they had rescue teams out searching through the community, interacting with the locals, in hopes of finding stray dogs and cats who could use a bit of much needed medical attention.  In an effort to control the pet populations throughout the area, and in turn benefit the safety of citizens and the health of those animals already living in the area, over 250 dogs and cats were brought in for treatment.

spay neuter task force clinic rescue dogs

As this was my first clinic, one of many that Melissa had attended, I was absolutely shocked to see the organization and attention to details that this organization has developed into their clinics. Having a thorough screening, surgery, recovery and release system set up, the upwards of 200 amazing volunteers were put to use extremely efficiently.  I was glad to simply be there let alone being able to lend a hand in whatever needed to be done so that these less fortunate animals could receive the help they needed.   And for those in need of serious attention, rescue organizations were there to take in these dogs and cats and help find them forever homes.

Organizations like these truly take the time to treat and show love to those dogs and cats that might be born into a world where days are filled with toys, high protein dog food and a warm bed at night.  The volunteers quite literally pour endless amounts of time and resources into this cause, let alone often opening up their homes to some of the rescued animals.  This is all done with little to no return or so much as a thank you.  If there was one thing I was able to take home with me after this weekends clinic it was asking myself “how can I do more?”

Thats also the question that we put to those of you reading this…

Could I volunteer my time… open up my home to a foster… adopt another pet… donate some of my dogs old toys and supplies… or even make a small donation to help these rescue organizations continue to support this cause.  So take a read over the ASNTF website, get in touch with your local SPCA, or just google animal rescue groups in your area, and hopefully you can find a way for you to do your part.

– Mel and Jon


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