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Run Pak running belt – Gear Review

I have to say, us runners (or athletes) in general tend to get nit picky when it comes to what we wear when training. And rightfullyrun pack ultra marathon training so. When you are training for multiple hours a day or about to run a big race, you don’t want those shorts chaffing or those sunglasses bouncing off your head. Most athletes stick to a well-known name brand, whether that be Inov-8, Salamon, Craft, Nathan, etc. because they make quality gear. However, there are some lesser known brands out there that I think more people need to give a chance because they might just SURPRISE you!

I tried out Run Pak from Amazon for the last couple of months. Usually I don’t run with a belt because I am always worried it will start riding up and the next hour is spent doing the “pull-down” dance instead of just running. But, with some runs it is nice to have hands free and all music, run grub, keys, and dog poop bags are tucked away nicely in one spot.

The Run Pak neoprene belt though could give some other belts a run for their money. And on the topic of money, this belt only puts you out $11.99 USD aka 2 Starbucks Caramel Macchiattos.


Some highlights of the Run Pak belt:running belt review ultra mel

  • It didn’t start rising up! How? I don’t know if it is the large width of this belt or the durable buckle (that allows you to adjust for size) but this thing was able to stay snug around my hips.
  • Waterproof! Music to any sweaty & salty athlete’s ears. (Material: neoprene)
  • Two pockets: One small one that fits my keys & emergency cash. One large one that fits my iPhone and even a poop bag for N-dawg.
  • Hidden gem: ear phone outlet! Love when you find little hidden nuggets like secret pockets or holes that have a function.


Like I said, I haven’t tried any other running belts before so it is hard to make a comparison. But, for someone who was very skeptical about running belts in general, trying this one out gave me a bit of a different outlook.

You can check them out here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00Y5IECPM

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