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OMM Mountain Raid 1.0 Sleeping Bag – Gear Review

We are always being asked about the shoes we wear, the clothes we choose, and especially about the gear we use.  While we try to remain minimalist runners and athletes, there is always race gear that is needed for running some of the extreme ultra marathons that we run.  So we want to start including some gear reviews of our favourite products that we’ve used in our adventures.  This one came to mind after our last trip to the Atacama desert for the 4 Deserts Atacama Crossing, the OMM Mountain Raid 1.0 Sleeping Bag.


There are thousands of sleeping bags on the market today, all have their strengths and weaknesses, and choosing the best sleeping bag is highly dependent on the athlete and activity it’s used for.  So for a couple of lean ultra marathon runners like us, some of our top priorities for this one were weight and warmth.  Now this is more or less the main factors in anyones decision, but the way to assess them can differ.

OMM gear review mel and jon

Here is the generic product description written by Original Mountain Marathon: 

  • “The OMM Mountain Raid 1.0 sleeping bag is made from a combination of materials to ensure maximum performance and comfort. The synthetic insulation is Primaloft-One and gives the best warmth to weight ratio available on the market today.”


Sleeping Bag Weight

product review on sleeping bag for stage rageThe Mountain Raid 1.0 weighs just 380g, so if you’re going to be carrying a sleeping bag for multiple days in a pack, this sleeping bag won’t add to your shoulder aches!  This bag will also pack down into a stuff sac the size of a travel coffee mug (odd comparison?), which can definitely help save on space when you’re using the smallest bag possible.


Sleeping Bag Warmth

This one is always hard to quantify, heck even when we were researching sleeping bags for multi-day stage races, we couldn’t find a temperature rating on this bag.  So we’ll give you some hard testimonials from places we’ve used this sleeping bag.

First was a 7 day race through the northern parts of Madagascar in September of 2014.  Night time temperatures ranged around 8 to 12 degrees C.  We used the sleeping bag every night, and for many of the nights even had to unzip and open the bag up.  While we were lucky enough to not get rain during this race, this sleeping bag has a DWR treatment to the fabrics face to give it a degree of water repellency and also extra stain resistance, which is a nice perk that will help you stay warm even in wet climates.

Our other most extreme use with this sleeping bag, was when we volunteered at the 2015 Atacama Crossing.  In the driest desert in the world, the days are very hot, but the nights can be VERY cold.  With temperatures dropping down around zero, this sleeping bag started to push its limits.  We had to wear thicker sox, base layer bottoms with sweats, a regular short plus a sweater, and some nights had to put on our toques.  Even with this extra clothing our nights were still a little cool, but we were able to sleep through the night.  We were even able to snuggle up into them to take a nap out in the open desert flats one night (See photo!)

ultramarathon OMM sleeping bag adventure

Based on these experiences, plus a few camping in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, we would guesstimate a sleeping temperature limit at somewhere between 0-5 degrees C, with a comfortable limit being between 5-10 degrees C.


Additional Product Features or Thoughts

  1. ultra lightweight sleeping bag ultra marathonsSuper Fitted –> We see this as a perk being relatively lean bodied athletes, as it helps to keep the warmth in close to your body.  If you are a bigger build or like a little extra room to move around while you’re asleep (*definitely if you get claustrophobic easy*), you may want to look at a different bag or at least consider the tall size of this OMM bag.
    • For reference: Melissa (in photo) is 5’7 and approx. 115lbs, with a runner build
  2. Easy to Clean –> When you use a sleeping bag, you’re not likely the cleanest you’ve ever been, and this OMM bag is super easy to clean out, especially with its DWR treatment, we’ve always been able to wipe it down with a cloth, then flip it inside out and wipe the inside clean.
  3. Limited Features –> This ultra lightweight sleeping bag keeps it minimalistic in the sense there are not too many added features, they have a bungee cord drawstring to pull the hood tight, and a half length zipper for getting in and out.  Some people would have trouble getting in and out with only this half zipper, but this goes along with the tight fitting mentioned above, you know you, this is just a fact, buy what you think will work for you.

Verdict on the OMM 1.0 Sleeping Bag

This is a piece of equipment that has stayed with us for over a year now, and we could not recommend it as an ultra lightweight sleeping bag any more.  If you need something with a little more warmth to go into below freezing temperatures, I’d recommend checking out the new OMM 1.6 that has a little more insulation.  But if you’re looking for something to keep your light and fast, in running or hiking, this is a bag worth looking into!


Any questions or experiences you’d like to share, we’d love to hear them.

Mel and Jon


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