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Muscle Roller Stick from Addaday | Product Review

For the past month the two of us have been using the muscle roller stick from Addaday in our recovery routine to test out their unique roller stick design. We’ve tried a few different types of these sticks so will mention some comparable notes throughout this review. Bottom line though, if you train or exercise at any level that gives you tight muscles, we are huge advocates in preventative actions to maintain mobility and speed up recovery, and this roller stick is extremely effective at working through tight muscles!

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Add-A-Day | Technical Specs

The muscle roller stick we’ve been using is the “type C massage roller” and we have really found it to be a great middle ground for great effectiveness but still a reasonable size to toss in a gym bag or carry on luggage. The roller is designed with ‘gears’ which are essentially like small roller balls that dig deeper into a muscle or crevasse in your tissues than other rollers. We’ve tried using “the stick” that is popular in the running community, and can honestly say the Addaday GETS DEEPER!

The gears are also unique because they are textured to help break apart scar tissue in the muscles and are coated in what Addaday calls Surface Skin Technology, which to us seems sort of like a thin gentle rubber coating. (We’ll touch more on this further down) There is also one special gear that is called the pinpoint precision gear, and essentially its a smaller one that can dig into more finite areas of your body like your achilles, along your shin or your soleus. This is a nice feature, and comes on a number of the different Addaday roller sticks, because it allows more versatility with a single tool. Instead of having to use a lacrosse ball to get into this muscle, then a roller stick to work through another area and a third tool to hit other things, the Type C can really handle more than other sticks we’ve used.

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Addaday Roller Stick Pro’s


As we mentioned before, the Type C is a great middle ground that still allows you to leverage some good pressure onto the muscles your rolling out, but the stick is small enough to tuck down in a corner of a carry on suitcase or even stuff into your backpack or hiking pack. We really like this because while we’re traveling or out camping, we are obviously still doing lots of activities and training, so it’s nice to always have a recovery tool with you.

“Gear” Design
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I’ve never seen rollers that offer this kind of multi-gear design, and it really opens up the opportunity to wrap a muscle or roll along two sides of a bone. The most prominent place I found this helping was along the back of my neck. Always having tight neck muscles, I love the way you can slot your spine in the middle of two gears, and let the gears dig deep into your muscles, while completely avoiding the spine.



Maybe you’re like us, maybe your not, but if you like to put a lot of pressure behind your self massage techniques, you need a roller that A) can handle the pressure, and B) has good enough handles you can leverage the pressure. The Type C checks off both these requirements, meaning you can dig deep with this one!


Addaday Roller Stick Drawbacks

This is pretty specific, so if you are a female this might not even apply to you. But when I use this roller on bare skin, being a male I have moderately hairy legs, so I find the Surface Skin Technology coating can pull a little on my leg hair. Most of the time the pain from my muscles far trumps this hair pull, but it is a drawback I thought was worth mentioning. The traction you gain from this coating is definitely nice when you’re rolling over clothing, and Melissa is a fan of it, but I have to share the warning, some guys might find it drags on their body hair a bit.


Would We Recommend the Addaday Muscle Roller Stick

It seems today that many companies have started designing and making their own version of a muscle roller stick, but before even thinking about the product itself, we admire the values that Addaday stands for and the innovation they’ve brought into their products. Their brand name simple refers to “Add a day to your life!” and they follow that off with, “Feel Better, Move More.” Their priorities are aligned with wellness, mobility, longevity, and this shines through in their products quite well. The Type C muscle roller stick is absolutely a recovery tool that we would recommend, for athletes or for anyone who feels their mobility isn’t where it could be. We would strongly encourage people to also test out their other products, Addaday makes a incredible tool called the Boomerang Massager, that we tried out in the store and had our eyes rolling into the back of our heads!

Remember the name and go give their recovery tools a try, don’t you think it’s worth it if you can simply “Add a day to your life!”

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