March 1, 2018

MONKII BARS 2: The Ultra Portable Gym – Gear Review

The two of us have been a huge fans of Monkii Bars right from their very first product the Monkii bars versatile training tool. It’s not only that they make innovative workout equipment that lets you get fit anywhere you want without the need for a gym, but the entire driving factor behind the company is truly inspiring.

Their creativity and aspirations to bring fitness to everyone, everywhere has spawned yet another super innovative training product. The MONKII BARS 2 is their modified and updated portable suspension trainer that acts as a gym you can bring anywhere.

With a lifestyle that included a lot of travel, but the drive to maintain a high level of fitness even while we’re on the go, the Monkii Bars 2 are an incredibly fit for us. We want to share some of our thoughts on them to help you decide whether they’d be a great addition to your home gym/travel gym arsenal.

monkii bars review of version 2.0

Monkii Bars 2 – Technical Specs

Monkii Bars 2 are a pair of lightweight suspension style workout equipment. They act similar to a pair of gymnastic rings or TRX, for bodyweight training. To put it very short, they basically took all the great things from the original monkii bars, improved some of the drawbacks, and released a game changing product into the calisthenics world, the way people see home gyms and fitness industry in general!

The bars themselves are 8 inches in length, weigh less than one pound as a pair, but they are strong enough to hold up to 220 lbs.  How can something so lightweight be so STRONG?  Monkii bars are made with some incredible materials, including hard Maple wood for the handles, Spectra materials in the line, and aerospace aluminum for the attachment hardware.  The lines that come standard with each pair of Monkii Bars is approximately 18 feet, making it extremely versatile to do all kinds of exercises, attached to all kinds of things!

Awesome Workouts Without the Gym monkey bars 2


Pro’s of the Monkii Bars 2

Compact Design

The original Monkii Bars were a super compact piece of workout equipment, but even with  having  some features added into the second version, the monk bars 2 keep their incredibly compact design, and even now come in a compact carry case that helps you store away or pack your portable gym in a very convenient way.

Intuitive Setup

If you’ve ever strung up a set of gymnastic rings then the monk bars 2 will feel like second nature to you. They utilize as similar clasp for the main suspension strap that let you string it together very quick, and adjust even quicker. The foot attachments and all other  connections or storing features are super obvious on how to work them, which makes these things overall a 5  star  product when it comes to “ease of use”.

More Complete Package

Ordering, receiving, opening and using the monkii bars 2 is quite a fun journey. It’s a bit odd to say, but using these felt like a wicked experience and it was due to the complete package that was delivered. When we first tried using the original monkii bars, it took us a bit to figure them out and think of the best ways to work them into our fitness routines. With the monkii bars 2, they’ve delivered an entire fitness app that offers you guidance and direction to leverage all you can out of your new portable gym and really stimulate your fitness to a new level. Even from the first time we opened the

Monkii Bars’ New Fitness App

calisthenics training equipment - monkii bars

Videos are super easy to follow and give you a great workout!
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Monkii Bars 2 Drawbacks

Slightly larger than the originals

2.0 comes with thicker straps and more “extras” meaning the complete package is a bit bigger than the original monkii bars which were capable of packing up entirely into the two bar handles themselves. The added functionality and easy of use are far worth it in our opinion, but for any trips where we want to keep things extremely minimalist, or even if we are planning to bring them out for a run with us, we might still opt to use the originals as they are a bit easier to slide into a running pack or small carry-on luggage.

Extra Stabilization Needed

If you’ve ever used rings you may find these even a bit less stable and  require you to not only stabilize your arms that are hanging by the monkii bars suspension system, but you will also have to stabilize a bit  with your wrists, as the handles will rock side to side more than a round ring which you are holding the  bottom point of. If you see this more as a challenge and fine tuning all of your stabilizer muscles even more, then nothing to worry about! If this is your first time using any type of suspension or hanging workout gear, then just be patient as it may seem more difficult than you expect. Your muscles will adjust and get used to it. 


Would We Recommend Monkii Bars II

This may be one of the most useful pieces of portable workout gear we’ve came across. Nothing gives you the breadth and depth of exercises that this rig can. We would absolutely recommend Monkii Bars 2 to just about anyone semi interested in fitness. For those of you who like hitting a workout at home or like to squeeze in a quick sweat session while traveling either for business or pleasure, these are worth their weight in gold. For the room they take up in your suitcase, they’ll deliver so much more in terms of  keeping you feeling strong and fit wherever you decide to break them out!

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