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Mel’s Yogi Adventures: What you can take away from Yoga Teacher Training

yoga teacher training graduation

With a busy busy June, “Mel’s Yogi Adventures” had to be put on hold for a bit but the yoga practices have kept going. But (drum roll)….I am now officially a yoga teacher! We have successfully completed our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course with Prana Yoga Studio in Edmonton. It is extremely hard to put into writing just how much this course has changed my life for the better. I know that is a pretty bold statement to make but I honestly feel that simply saying this YTT course was “lifechanging” would be an understatement. Signing up for this was one of the best decisions I made for myself. It has moulded me mentally and physically. But in order to stop myself from gushing on how much I loved this entire journey to becoming a yoga teacher, I thought I would share a list. A list of some major things I have taken away from this course that aren’t what some may expect, like increased flexibility and greater mental clarity…

YTT graduation ceremony prana yoga 1) Mindful eating:

Learning how to do food meditation and eating in complete silence really accentuated how easily it is for us to aimlessly eat these days. Eating while having the TV on, while talking with friends, or driving your car allows us to lose focus of exactly what we’re eating and how we’re eating it sometimes.



acroyoga therapeudics yoga teacher training2) Surrendering:

Having the ability to just let go is extremely hard at times, especially during struggle. To put the ego at bay and allow yourself to surrender and be “vulnerable” is not easy but the things you can gain from doing so are well worth it. Sometimes in order to move forward one must surrender and let go rather than expel lots of forceful effort, this is relevant to both mental and physical aspects.


3) Ayurveda:

Ayurveda is a “5,000-year-old system of natural healing that has its origins in the Vedic culture of India.” We explored through the course learning what our Doshas were and how you balance yourself by eating the right foods and placing yourself in the right environments.

yoga teacher training headstand mel and jon

Mel handstand YTT yoga practice










4) Presence:

This is A LOT harder than some may think. Staying completely present; not thinking about what happened earlier in your day or what is going to happen a minute from this moment or later in your week is not easy work. This past and forward thinking mindset all the time becomes habitual pretty easily. To break out of it though, we used meditation and self reflection. Staying in the present moment brought a lot more clarity by helping to calm the mind.


5) Non-judgement:

Everyone has a life story that you don’t know about so don’t be too quick to judge. Whether you see someone on the street in some dirty clothes or someone struggling with their weight…don’t jump to conclusions. Some of the people I have met through this training have really re-instated that in me. You never know what someone is going through or already has gone through. By showing compassion instead of judgement does a lot more to helping lift others up.


Yoga Teacher Training touched me on a number of different levels. The amount of things I have taken away from this course is countless! I have made life long friends through this course and have found a passion that I will be carrying with me through the rest of my life. Whether you want to become a yoga teacher, deepen your own yoga practice, or need some soul searching, I highly recommend taking a Yoga Teacher Training. I honestly wish I could give everyone the gift of taking a YTT course.

Ultra mel and jon yoga teachers


And to top the whole course off……. Acroyoga Surprise


Hari Om!


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