August 26, 2014 [email protected]

Mel and Jon Race the Planet in Madagascar

So after months of training and preparing all of our gear and food, we head to the airport tomorrow.  A short 28 hours later we’ll be touching down on the beautiful island of Madagascar!  Starting August 31st, we’ll begin the 250 km roving race put on by Racing the Planet.  To try and keep everyone up to date with how things are going with the two of us, we’ll be typing up quick blog posts each night after our daily running stage is complete.  These updates will be posted on both our facebook page and right here at!

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We’ll do our best to share as many photo’s and video’s that we can along the way, but with no clue how the wifi will be throughout the country of Mada, we can’t make promises. 😛


Details on the race and its progress can also be viewed at – where you can email a competitor also!!! We’d love to hear from you during the race, and will likely need the extra bit of motivation when things are getting tough:)

Race Stage Updates:

Madagascar Stage 1

Madagascar Stage 2

Madagascar Stage 3

Madagascar Stage 4

Madagascar Stage 5

Racing the Planet Madagascar Race Report

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