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Madagascar 2014 – Stage 5 – Sept, 4 2014

RacingThePlanet: Madagascar 2014 – Stage 5 – Sept, 4 2014

So that was one long day yesterday! After 4 days of mediocre sleep and running a marathon every day, we geared up for an 80 km long march. Thus far in the race our goal has simply been to “keep running” no matter what speed, no matter what place we are just try not to stop. Arriving into camp last night around 6:45, we managed to “keep running” our way to our new PR for 50 mile distance 🙂 and couldn’t be happier with ourselves.

But what’s more than that we wanted to shine the light on a few others who have simply amazed us this week. Our new friend from the USA, Susan, has been trucking along all week with a multitude of blister issues that literally deserve some photo’s on Facebook to show how gnarly they are, haha, so what’s impressive? Is Susan is still fighting for her place in the top 3 females for the race!! Unbelievable perseverance!! Another mind blower was another female runner (from japan or china we think) had a bad fall about 10km from camp on day 3, and hurt her arm. She fought through and trekked into camp to seek some medical help. What was it… a dislocated elbow! They strapped up her arm to keep her in the race, what a trooper!!! Our last tough guy we want to mention was a USA runner. He’s completed a couple of very tough stage races before, and showed up to Madagascar to give it a go. On day 2 on the race, he vomited 9 times I think he said along the way and wasn’t able to keep any sort of food or calories down while he trekked through the long 46km stage (in some disastrous heat :P). Back at camp though he balanced himself out and bounced back to keep going the next day. He’s been flying on the course ever since and simply shock us every day with how he has fought through.

Not only are the runners here some of the coolest and most interesting people we have met but obviously some of the toughest! Whenever we find ourselves slipping into a tough spot we think that someone else has been there and found a way to pull through. That’s a lesson everyone can take into their lives!

Now we rest, luckily finishing the long march in one day allows us for a rest day today (MUCH needed :)) and all we have left is a 10km run tomorrow to Ambilobe and theres the finish line!!! Not too sure what you guys all think, but we’d say being 240km into a 250km race is basically done no?? Well that’s our mindset and we’re sticking to it! 🙂

Lots of love to everyone following, thank you for all your support!!

Hari Om

Mel and Jon

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