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Madagascar 2014 – Stage 4 – Sept, 3 2014

RacingThePlanet: Madagascar 2014 – Stage 4 – Sept, 3 2014

Today marks the end of stage 4 (woop woop!). Packs are a lot lighter now than gear check in and we have both been feeling really good besides some sore spots which is I guess kind of expected at this stage. For this blog post we thought we would give you all a little taste on what a day out here is like…

This camp seems to be full of early risers, with some up at 4 am….go figure though since most of us are sleeping on the ground. We then all get revved up for the day with some breaky, we have some oatmeal with Prairie Naturals protein powder to keep the muscles working. Start time has been either 7 or 8 am every morning and we get a quick race briefing before so they can tell us just what kind of things we are in for that day. Once we’re off you’re all on your own (except for us luckily :P). Depending on the length of each stage, you get so many checkpoints along the way to refill your waters. As you cross that sweet sweet finish line everyday, a group of enthusiastic volunteers welcomes you to your new camp. If need be you hit the medical tent and then off the feet you get. We’ve made it routine to incline our feet for at least 20 min right after each stage (thank you Leala from Prana Yoga Studio for that little helper). Getting the legs all flushed then means the best time…meal time!!! We’ve been satisfied with our dinners from Harvest Foodworks. Next, settle in your tent, get your gear and food set up for tomorrow then we end up right here…the cyber tent! As always, we absolutely love reading your emails and they help place a big smile on our dusty faces;)

Tomorrow we got the long march but we are feeling ready and high spirited for it. Once that’s over, we will be able to taste the food waiting for us at the final finish line!!!!

Hari om 🙂


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