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Madagascar 2014 – Stage 3 – Sept, 2 2014

RacingThePlanet: Madagascar 2014 – Stage 3 – Sept, 2 2014

Things are getting tough, we can’t lie! But we’re loving it out here, every turn brings a new beautiful view, every person we meet just has such an interesting story, its really been a trip to remember.

Today wasn’t quite as hot, however with a bit of cooling cloud cover, brought some increased humidity 😛 Had about a 3 km section of beach running which was blissful early in this stage. Then once we grinded inland we ran through some incredible canyons filled with white “tsingy” (hard to describe, cool rock formations, google it!). Ventured off course a bit today when some of the local kids moved a few of the course markers 😛 granted can ya blame them, those neon flags make great toys! Just can’t wait to see on the long haul how many glow sticks they steal to play with, ah well what can ya do 🙂 We then finished the stage with a long river crossing, which later we heard someone had spotted a 2m long croc in 😛 AND another person saw a local malagasy walking away with a handful of eels he had caught.

Camp tonight is perched up on the top of a … sort of in between a mountain and hill, haha, but the views are great 360 degrees!

As always thanks for the motivating emails!!! Anyone can visit the racing the planet website and email a competitor, so we’d love to hear from you 🙂

Pura Vida!

Mel and Jon


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