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Madagascar 2014 – Stage 2 – Sept, 1 2014

RacingThePlanet: Madagascar 2014 – Stage 2 – Sept, 1 2014

Today’s stage offered up some rugged Madagascar terrain!!! From sandy beaches (which were unbelievable!) to jagged volcanic rock, muddy rice paddies and who knows how many river crossings, we trekked through it all!

Another 46 km’s chipped away and a ton more to go, each day brings more wilderness to experience and locals everywhere to meet and even run with!!

All of our food has been great for us, Larabars and Halvah bars have kept us going through some low points 😛 and we seem to be some of the few people who actually enjoy our meals, thank you Harvest Foodworks for that!!!

Camp tonight was incredible, there was an entire Malagasy village gathered to cheer and sing us in while the kids ran alongside all the way to the finish line!

Thanks everyone for the emails of support they mean so much to our spirits! (we’ll reply to you all as soon as we’re back to some wifi after the race)

For now, we’re off to bed to rest and recharge,

Hari Om

Mel and Jon


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