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LARABAR – Product Review

LARABAR Energy Bar Product Review

With the rather limited choices that vegans have in the western world of energy bars, we are always searching for ones that can

  • a) pack a hit of energy and nutrients,
  • b) is tasty enough to crave it deep into a run/race, and finally
  • c) is convenient when it comes to packaging, size and for a lack of better words “meltability and freezability“.

larabar healthy energy bars

We opted to give the LARABAR‘s a good run for their money, including a package of bars from their new “high protein” line called the LARABAR ALT (alternative energy).  We tried out as many flavours as we could in as many different scenarios as possible.  To make things easy, we’ll simply comment on some of the main things we look for in bars.


Well above the industry standard.  These bars contain sometimes as few as 3 ingredients, meaning you know exactly whats in them, and they are all energy packed foods to keep you moving! We like to keep it as ‘au naturale’ as we can, and we can with these guys!


The LARABARs themselves are quite small so they fit in small pockets or take up very little room in your pack.  As for their “meltability and freezability”, have you ever had a chocolate covered bar that melted all over everything and the second you rip it open it’s all over everything? For those that run through the winter, I’m sure you’ve opened up a bar that almost broke your teeth on the first bite!!  Well LARABARs come out slightly above average in this category,  as none of them have a “coating” that can melt and while out in the cold, they remained fairly soft and definitely didn’t fatigue the jaw while eating.

Larabar vegan energy bar flavours



LARABAR tops the charts on taste, having a huge variety of flavours that will have you salivating, peanut butter chocolate chip, chocolate chip cookie dough, cherry cheesecake, coconut cream, there’s something for everyone.  The best part, is that with one of their primary ingredients being dates, they aren’t TOO sweet, as so many people find with the synthetic energy bars and gels.


We fit these bars into our daily intake before workouts, after workouts, during longer runs, and even on day’s off just as a snack.  While they are a great tasting snack and a quick way to get some tasty calories in you after a workout to start recovery, we really noticed these bars working well either as a post workout kick, or a on the run fuel.  Coming in at approximately 230 calories per bar, they carry a moderate amount of energy to get you going, or keep you going.


These bars sit very well in the stomach as they don’t contain very many chunky solid ingredients such as nuts or seeds.  While this does make them great for consuming during activity, sometimes they don’t satisfy the need for “food” and “chewing” and you might have when you’re deep into a run.


larabar energy bar mel and jonBottom Line

After spending two weeks of only consuming LARABARs as our energy bars, we’ve decided that they exceed many of their competitors when it comes to food that can prep you and sustain you for a workout.  We’ve already marked them down on our meal plan for a 7 day stage race in Africa that we have coming up at the end of summer this year!  If you’re someone who likes a filling bar that acts as almost a “meal replacement” these bars might fall a bit short….However, if you like eating smaller and more frequent portions, give them a try. We think you’ll be impressed with the quality ingredients and what they can do for your body!!



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  1. Selma

    I have been hooked on Larabars since I completely eliminated dairy and refined sugar from my diet. The apple Larabar has been my “go-to” snack on long bike rides or before a soccer game. I did find that they were a bit too sweet for me (too many raisins perhaps?) so I started making my own. No raisins – just dates, nuts, dehydrated apples (that I make myself) and a touch of spice. Simple, yummy and I can adjust the sweetness as I like by adding more or less dates. Also, I shape them into little balls so they make bite size snacks that you can easily pop into your mouth as you bike or run – so they are convenient too!

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