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AFTERSHOKZ Trekz Titanium Wireless Headphones – Gear Review

About a month ago, both of us decided that it was time to buy some new headphones. With us being so active, we agreed that it made the most sense to find something best suited for running and other exercise, and then we could use elsewhere as needed. After quite a bit of research we decided to both get a pair of the Trekz Titanium by AfterShokz. We’ve been able to each use them at least a couple dozen times, across quite a few different activities so wanted to share our thoughts.

treks titanium wireless head phones by aftershocks

The biggest reason for us getting these was the fact that they were slightly bigger and more durable than something like the AirPods or something else that would be WAY too easy to lose if you took a tumble on a trail, and then there was the aspect of being able to hear your surroundings that had a huge safety pull for us.

We’ve definitely been running them. I’ve had them out while mountain biking a couple times. Lots of hiking and walking the dog. A number of meetings on our computers. And a handful of calls both inside and outside. Both of us were hesitant to make the switch to wireless headphone, but so far we can confidently say that we are happy we made the jump!



AfterShokz Trekz Titanium – Technical Specs

You can check out all the super nitty gritty details here if you’d like, but a lot of the main ones we were comparing to other sport headphones are the following:

  • Wireless range: 33 ft (10m)
  • Battery: rechargeable lithium ion
  • Continuous play: 6 hours
  • Standby time: 10 days
  • Charge in: 1.5 hours
  • Weight: 1.27 oz (36g)

The absolutely only thing that we are still bit unsure of after using them for the past month, is how easily they will be to pack for travelling. The weight of them will be almost insignificant, but we’re unsure how carefully we’ll need to pack them so they don’t get smushed and lose their form.

bluetooth running headphones trekz titanium review


Pro’s of the Trekz Titanium Headphones

Sound – Absolutely unbelievable!

We read a lot of reviews on these, but absolutely no amount of reading and recommendations can truly convey just how shocking the technology is in these headphones. When we first put them on, we BOTH immediately thought they were pretty much just small speakers hanging outside your ears. But when we asked the other person if they could hear the music, which was playing quite loud, AND THEY COULDN’T. We were both impressed to say the least. Admittedly, neither of us are sound quality guru’s, so take this in the right context. As long as we can hear our music or podcast clearly while, running, biking, hiking, etc., then we are happy. The connectivity has seemed very solid while carrying our phone in a pocket or pack, and even while running along a busy roadway, you can hear what you are listening too quite well. Overall, the sound is solid in our opinion!

Fit and Feel

These headphones wrap around the back of your head and pretty much hang over your ears. The beautiful thing about these is that because the “headphones” don’t have to go directly into your ear, there is a bit of flexibility to where they rest on the side of your head. This makes them very easy to find a comfy fit, even when wearing with a helmet or hat. This combined with the headphones being very lightweight and having just enough tension squeezing inward, they feel like they fit better than just about any other headphone we’ve had before.

Microphone is Very Clear

We aren’t planning to be using these for a ton of conference calls or anything, but for the few times we’ve picked up or made a call at the end of a run, the clarity of the call is great. No noticeable lag, and the microphone picks up our voices quite well. Can comfortably talk while wearing them and carry on a conversation just fine.

Hearing Outside Noise, But Not TOO Much

This was one of our big reasons for buying the Trekz Titanium headset. Being able to still hear the things around you is an obvious benefit when out in the woods by yourself or going down the side of a street. We were pleased to find that we were able to hear just enough surrounding noise to feel aware of our surroundings, but not so much that actually listening to music felt like “work”!


aftershokz trek titanium headphones wireless bluetooth


Trek Titanium Wireless Headphones Drawbacks

Need to carry your phone

For both of us, sports headphones are primarily used for running, when it’s not exactly ideal to be hauling your heavy phone around. With smart phones getting bigger and bigger these days, sure it adds tons of storage for running music, and cool apps for GPS tracking, but a large block shaped phone still isn’t IDEAL to run with in our opinion. By making the switch to wireless headphones, smaller devices like an iPod shuffle or even the old nano which don’t have bluetooth are out of the question. It’s a tradeoff but a minor con.

Bluetooth on your head

There have been research studies coming out showing some negative effects that bluetooth and other wireless waves can have on our bodies, and when you’re using wireless headphones, it means those possibly harmful waves are hanging around the most important area of your body. Like with so many things, there will be research studies showing it’s safe and others showing it’s dangerous. Ultimately we knew these weren’t going to be something we use all day every day, so the risk is small in our perspective. Not to mention you are getting an added benefit of these headphones using bone conduction rather than forcing the sound waves right in to your ear canal, so these felt like they were the best of many other wireless headphones we researched.

Conflict with Sunglass Arms

If you’re wearing these headphones with sunglasses, the two will bind on the tops of your ears. It hasn’t bothered me much yet, but I wonder how it will feel over a workout of 2+ hours. Might have ditch one to gives the ears a break.


Would We Recommend Trekz Titanum?

This is a no brainer for us. We would 100% recommend these to others. We will likely be gifting these to a number of people. For runners or pretty much if you are active at all in the outdoors, these are second to absolutely none! Above and beyond that, the Trekz Titanium impressed on so much more than we were expecting in a pair of “running headphones”, so it would even be a great option for those who aren’t as active as we might be, but even just spending lots of time outdoors gardening hiking with their dog. The simplicity of use and the safety perk of hearing more of your surrounding is more than enough for us to strongly recommend looking into these wireless headphones.

Get your AfterShokz Trekz Titanium headphones!



Why I Quit Being a Police Officer

Since leaving my job with the Edmonton Police last year for a major life shift, countless people have asked me; Why did you leave? Did you like being a cop? Would you do it again?

After answering this question to disapproving people, supportive people, friends, family, strangers, and most importantly myself, here is just a raw compilation of thoughts, emotions, and plans for my future out of the uniform.

If you’re interested in a deeper dive of my reasoning  for leaving, some of the realities I learned about policing, and where I am today.

Grab a copy of my ebook Wearing the Badge

Graduation day - EPS

Graduation Day

During my 5 years working in the police force (I’m allowed to use that word now, I don’t care if it seems “too intimidating to the public” ) I found my own way to do things.  A way that stayed within the boundaries set out by the job (for the most part) and stayed authentic to who I was.  Some of the biggest lessons I learned in my time in uniform?

  1. Just be yourself, people will respect you for it – If someone thinks the justice system is messed up, and you agree, tell them you agree.  If someone is yelling at you, ask them “why are you yelling?”, try it, most people calm down.  Point being, when people sense you’re putting on an act (we’ve all seen the macho cop trying to be tougher than he is) they’ll lie to you, they might try to fight you, and it all usually ends up on the news and you know the news is never good.  So be yourself:)
  2. Work hard – Not because it’s going to get you anywhere, (I’ll touch on that later) but because of the reputation you will build.  Even after leaving the police force, one of my old sergeants, who is a huge role model of mine to this day, wrote me a bulletproof letter of recommendation to use in my future endeavors.  Now I’m not sure I could live up to all they made me out to be, but I am forever grateful for the kind words, and I truly believe it was genuine hard work that earned this letter.
  3. Lessons are everywhere – I love education, training and finding ways to better yourself, mentally and physically.  What I learned from my time working in a few different roles as a police officer was that skills and lessons could be found in anything you do.  For example, my time working as a dispatcher, using 5 computer screens and multiple computer programs, all while managing our athlete social media, writing on this blog, pitching freelancing articles all on the side…… well that made me quite a computer multi-tasker.  How useful for landing me an SEO job shortly after moving abroad:)  So while it might not always be clear, you can find a lesson or benefit in anything you do.


Now fast forward a bit, to when my sights shifted from advancing my career, to planning my exit from the police force. With no family in Edmonton, and a new found passion for the outdoors (something that Edmonton just does NOT satisfy) I knew it was time for a change. After a little bit planning, lots of dreaming, and some research into where we could pivot our lives, I was ready to leave. This was not a lightbulb moment, or a knee-jerk reaction, it was a slow development that brought me to the decision that a career spent as a police officer was not what I wanted.



So why did I leave?

Policing a conveyor belt profession

That badge number you get the day you sign up is your number in line.  You can answer your phone on days off, come into work overtime, be proactive and take on things far beyond your seniority, all in all, work your ass off, but when it comes down to it, in the policing world, seniority trumps all.  On multiple occasions after submitting an application to go on a training course or be transferred to a new position, I received the email saying “we went with the two most senior people, better luck next time.”  The internal politics in a government environment (especially one filled with a bunch of alpha dogs) is brutal.  And instead of examining people for who they are, what potential they show, or what work they’ve achieved to date, why not just pick the next number in line and not have to look like the bad guy.  This structure simply didn’t jive with me.  If someone is a hard worker, that hard work must be rewarded, not taken advantage of.


Health and fitness in Policing falls way down the list of priorities  

world police fire games jon

Representing Edmonton Police at the World Police and Fire Games

I know what you’re probably thinking… what??? But to be honest, aside from a few short lectures once or twice a year about how to take care of your health and stay in shape while working night shift, many people let themselves slide once they’ve graduated from recruit class.  And this lack of self-care comes on many levels.  The individual, some people simply stopped working out at all after they finished being told to work out in recruit class.  An organizational level, when it came to any type of requests for improved equipment or changes to schedules to accommodate healthy levels of sleep, they were placed about as high on the list as renovating that 3rd-floor washroom. Lastly, I cannot leave out the overall shift in society to a level of health dependent on our “free” healthcare. Yes this “I’m going to eat what I like while I’m alive” mentality works its way into policing, and though I desperately wanted the will power of the police service to rise above this mentality and stand tall saying “we will be better,” people give in and McFlurries and Baconators become all too common. Want to know the truth, there is absolutely no mandate for police officers in Edmonton to maintain a level of fitness. If you fail your fitness test, if you physically can’t do a pushup or run across the gym….. well it doesn’t really matter, no one really cares. So when it comes to a citizen relying on us to chase a guy down for them, well, there’s a good chance the cop will run out of breath before the bad guy.


Long term detriments of being a Cop

This one might seem similar to the last point, but I’m talking more about the long term aspects of it.  Everyone knows smoking is bad for you right, so what do we do? We quit.  Everyone knows working shift work is bad for you right, so what do we do? … Keep doing it:S?:S? Personally, I didn’t want to see how much I could age myself working night shifts for the next 20 years.  And has anyone ever put on a police officer’s duty belt before?  They are quite possibly the LEAST ergonomic accessory to wear, and that’s before we add 5-10lbs of gear to it.  My hips are already tight from running so much, but you wear that back breaker for 11 hours and we’re just adding to the aging and crippling effects.  Let’s step back and look at this, we are in an era where we carry a smartphone on our wrist, no one can think of a better way to carry this stuff?  Anyways, I came to the realization that I put too much effort into my fitness, that to let it all wilt away because of logistics such as these was just not a game I wanted to play.


Ineffective Justice System

When I joined, I wanted a job where no day was the same, and I went home knowing I made a difference.  After a few years getting to know the game, it started to all blend together.  Maybe different names and different addresses, but the calls were all the same.  The people you arrested yesterday, got out because Canadian judges are too scared to lock anyone up, and you’re chasing them again today.  You realize the work you do today rarely changes the shape of tomorrow, and all in the effort, people record you on their phones to try and sewer you when they have the chance.  Maybe I’m weak-minded or impatient but I thought it was a waste of my time and a bit of an uphill battle that’s not even worth fighting.


"Wearing the Badge" Ebook

Read Jonathan's in depth story about why he left policing, the realities of the job not often talked about, and where he is now today.


This post ended up being longer than I planned so let me finish things up with one final thought. Policing is, unfortunately, necessary in today’s society, and to those who see the bigger picture and where they fit into the net, I tip my hat to you.  I, however, have chosen to go in search of work more suited to my beliefs and values, those which value the person doing the work, their well-being, their growth and success, and most importantly the role they play in the universe. (Interesting read on the topic of finding work after policing –> Why I took policing OFF my resumeTo the police officers working across the globe, god speed and if I can ever be of assistance I will do my best.

Honestly and respectfully written,


==> I also wrote a reflection 1 year later, if you’re curious about what life is like after quitting policing

should I become a cop or should I quit policing

Prio Performance Running Shoe by Xero Shoes – Product Review

The two of us have been running in minimalist footwear for many years now, and the vast majority of the miles we run are in running sandals made by Xero Shoes. Two of our favourite are the simple DIY Xero Shoe, likely the closest you will ever come to running barefoot, and the newest of their sandals the Z-Trek and Z-Trail, which are both a bit more robust for technical running or hiking. There have always been certain circumstances which prevented (or at least made it difficult) to run in sandals. Whether it was training in the cold Canadian winter, extremely muddy training, or some intensely technical trail where we felt we needed a bit more protection for our feet.

Well we’ve been asking (and let’s be realistic, many people have been!) and Xero Shoes has finally released their first performance shoe called the “Prio” and we’re going to share some of our thoughts on them.

Xero shoes prio running shoe


We’ve had our Prio’s for about a month now, have put quite a few miles on them including big ascents and descents, muddy runs, rainy runs, outdoor agility cross training workouts, so in our minds, have got a really good feel for their strengths and weaknesses.


Prio Pro’s:

  • The overall FIT

    • Stating the obvious, they have a nice wide footbed, a true zero drop sole, and no unnecessary arch support, meaning your feet will feel as comfortable as they are when barefoot. The thing we noticed though, that blew us away, is just how well the shape and fit of these shoes have been designed to give you all the room you need to move freely, but don’t allow your feet to slide around when going up or downhill or running along technical tracks.
  • Durable but Flexible materials

    • You might hear other shoe companies promoting their zero drop shoes with widefoot beds, but let us be the ones to tell you the biggest difference between them and the Prio’s. The other brands shoes are made of rigid materials that will feel like boxes on your feet. Don’t believe us, we’ve been getting holes in our socks wherever our foot toes touch the inside of the shoe. That to us doesn’t seem at all like a shoe that moves WITH your feet. They’re containing them, and therefore restricting them. The Prio’s feel like a kick ass pair of socks because they are so flexible.
  • Super Breathable

    • We started wearing the Prio’s during the melting of all the winter snow, meaning it was a time when the trails are muddy and wet. We noticed how breathable the Prio’s were, first when we kept getting out feet wet on the mucky trails, but noticed our feet were drying up faster than we expected. This helped a ton to prevail blisters from forming (even though with how well these shoes fit and flex with us, we’ve never even experienced a hot spot!). However, now that we’re starting to see warmer weather, we’re liking these shoes even more for how cool our feet stay during runs. This was one thing that we HATED about wearing shoes, is how your feet start to burn up and throw off your mindset.
  • lightweight running shoes - prio from Xero shoeTraction without bulk

    • The Prio’s use the same chevron-like tread on the bottom of the soles as all the Xero Sandals, and we put it to the test during a technical and very muddy 50k race in Washington. Not once did I feel that the Prio wasn’t giving me enough traction. For being an extremely lightweight sole and overall shoe, it’s quite impressive that they have the same level of traction as some of the bulkier trail shoes with “gnarly” treads.
  •  Affordable
    • The price of shoes seem to be rising all the time, so having a performance running shoe for under $100 is almost unbelievable. At only 89.99 (if Xero Shoes isn’t running a sale!) you almost can’t go wrong buying a shoe that will strengthen your feet and look pretty badass! Not to mention your 89.99 will go so much further than other shoes. While other shoe companies are recommending you switch out your shoes every 300-500 miles, Xero Shoes offers a 5,000 mile warranty on their soles! That’s not a typo, a FIVE THOUSAND mile warranty!!! The “price of shoes” no longer has to be a limiting factor to your training.


Prio Con’s:

  • They are SHOES

    • Although this is obvious, and a pathetic topic to label as a “con” the fact that the Prio’s are a performance running SHOE, means they will catch rocks, will keep your feet wet for longer after a water crossing, will have more contact on your feet to possibly cause blisters. This is all comparing them to a running sandal though, and not to any other shoe.
  • Limited Traction on Extreme Terrain

    • Even though I’d rate their traction as pretty stellar, the fact that the treads are “minimalist” in nature, means if you were needing to trek through thick mud or deep snow, you might be better off with something a bit more gnarly on the bottoms.


Who would the Prio Minimalist Shoes be perfect for?

Runners and walkers (obviously!) > These are top notch running and hiking shoes

Crossfitters or Gym-goers –> With the Prio’s being zero drop they are great for stability during cross training workouts

Travellers –> Lightweight and easily packable, and you can use them for just about anything along your travels.

We probably don’t have to even say it, however, if anyone asked us if we would recommend these, we would tell them we already have! Many of our friends, family, fellow runners, or social media followers have ordered themselves a pair and have told us they’ve been loving them. So if you’re looking for a new shoe, and the Prio’s are sounding like a good fit (get it!) we’d say to give them a try. They really are as awesome as all the review and promotions are saying they are. Check them out now!

Run free!

Ultra Mel and Jon

MONKII BARS 2: The Ultra Portable Gym – Gear Review

The two of us have been a huge fans of Monkii Bars right from their very first product the Monkii bars versatile training tool. It’s not only that they make innovative workout equipment that lets you get fit anywhere you want without the need for a gym, but the entire driving factor behind the company is truly inspiring.

Their creativity and aspirations to bring fitness to everyone, everywhere has spawned yet another super innovative training product. The MONKII BARS 2 is their modified and updated portable suspension trainer that acts as a gym you can bring anywhere.

With a lifestyle that included a lot of travel, but the drive to maintain a high level of fitness even while we’re on the go, the Monkii Bars 2 are an incredibly fit for us. We want to share some of our thoughts on them to help you decide whether they’d be a great addition to your home gym/travel gym arsenal.

monkii bars review of version 2.0

Monkii Bars 2 – Technical Specs

Monkii Bars 2 are a pair of lightweight suspension style workout equipment. They act similar to a pair of gymnastic rings or TRX, for bodyweight training. To put it very short, they basically took all the great things from the original monkii bars, improved some of the drawbacks, and released a game changing product into the calisthenics world, the way people see home gyms and fitness industry in general!

The bars themselves are 8 inches in length, weigh less than one pound as a pair, but they are strong enough to hold up to 220 lbs.  How can something so lightweight be so STRONG?  Monkii bars are made with some incredible materials, including hard Maple wood for the handles, Spectra materials in the line, and aerospace aluminum for the attachment hardware.  The lines that come standard with each pair of Monkii Bars is approximately 18 feet, making it extremely versatile to do all kinds of exercises, attached to all kinds of things!

Awesome Workouts Without the Gym monkey bars 2


Pro’s of the Monkii Bars 2

Compact Design

The original Monkii Bars were a super compact piece of workout equipment, but even with  having  some features added into the second version, the monk bars 2 keep their incredibly compact design, and even now come in a compact carry case that helps you store away or pack your portable gym in a very convenient way.

Intuitive Setup

If you’ve ever strung up a set of gymnastic rings then the monk bars 2 will feel like second nature to you. They utilize as similar clasp for the main suspension strap that let you string it together very quick, and adjust even quicker. The foot attachments and all other  connections or storing features are super obvious on how to work them, which makes these things overall a 5  star  product when it comes to “ease of use”.

More Complete Package

Ordering, receiving, opening and using the monkii bars 2 is quite a fun journey. It’s a bit odd to say, but using these felt like a wicked experience and it was due to the complete package that was delivered. When we first tried using the original monkii bars, it took us a bit to figure them out and think of the best ways to work them into our fitness routines. With the monkii bars 2, they’ve delivered an entire fitness app that offers you guidance and direction to leverage all you can out of your new portable gym and really stimulate your fitness to a new level. Even from the first time we opened the

Monkii Bars’ New Fitness App

calisthenics training equipment - monkii bars

Videos are super easy to follow and give you a great workout!
monkii bars promo code


Monkii Bars 2 Drawbacks

Slightly larger than the originals

2.0 comes with thicker straps and more “extras” meaning the complete package is a bit bigger than the original monkii bars which were capable of packing up entirely into the two bar handles themselves. The added functionality and easy of use are far worth it in our opinion, but for any trips where we want to keep things extremely minimalist, or even if we are planning to bring them out for a run with us, we might still opt to use the originals as they are a bit easier to slide into a running pack or small carry-on luggage.

Extra Stabilization Needed

If you’ve ever used rings you may find these even a bit less stable and  require you to not only stabilize your arms that are hanging by the monkii bars suspension system, but you will also have to stabilize a bit  with your wrists, as the handles will rock side to side more than a round ring which you are holding the  bottom point of. If you see this more as a challenge and fine tuning all of your stabilizer muscles even more, then nothing to worry about! If this is your first time using any type of suspension or hanging workout gear, then just be patient as it may seem more difficult than you expect. Your muscles will adjust and get used to it. 


Would We Recommend Monkii Bars II

This may be one of the most useful pieces of portable workout gear we’ve came across. Nothing gives you the breadth and depth of exercises that this rig can. We would absolutely recommend Monkii Bars 2 to just about anyone semi interested in fitness. For those of you who like hitting a workout at home or like to squeeze in a quick sweat session while traveling either for business or pleasure, these are worth their weight in gold. For the room they take up in your suitcase, they’ll deliver so much more in terms of  keeping you feeling strong and fit wherever you decide to break them out!

If you feel like giving them a try, we’ve got a promo to get you all 5% off!!
 Get your set of Monkii Bars 2

Best SELF Journal Review

About 6 months ago, a friend of mine gave me a copy of the Best SELF Journal, as they knew I was a firm believer in journaling, yet can’t always find the time (or at least that’s what I tell myself). Throughout both of my yoga teacher training courses I have found that journaling was a powerful tool in helping to sort through your thoughts and get important ones down on paper so you can better see them, feel them and just be with them. It might sound like kind of “woo woo” stuff, but what this converts to is a clearer mind, improved focus, and more powerful internal drive. This is because you can manage your thoughts instead of juggling a million of them all at once. Once you can identify the most important things you need to devote yourself to, you can channel more of your brainpower that way.

The SELF Journal has helped me find the time to journal, and to journal better than ever before. In just 5-10 minutes a day I was able to accomplish the most important parts of my journaling routine. Then if I had extra time in the day, I could spend longer going deeper into certain areas.

review of the best self journal

What is the Best Self Journal?

The Best Self daily journal is sort of like a mix between a planner and a journal. It’s designed so that you write in it every day but it will only the take 5-10 minutes each day. The creators of it took a deep dive into the world of self-motivation and productivity, to discover what the tricks and habits were that made some of the most successful people in the world so successful. With this information, they structured the layout of the book so that it helps stimulate self-motivation and increase productivity, by helping you get clear on your goals and appreciate what you have and what you have already accomplished. To be honest, the science and detailed behind it all are a bit beyond my full understanding, but the effects have been obvious.

We had an insanely busy 2016, with our honeymoon in Finland, spending time in Argentina, moving back to Canada from Chile, running our longest ultra marathon ever, and I switched to a new job. The stressors were everywhere, and some of them were big. Sure, deep down I knew it was all for the better, and that I truly wanted to do everything we were doing. But at times it was pretty hard to manage. Once I started with this journal, it made the world of difference. Yes, I was in fact more focused and productive at achieving my goals and getting things done. But even for the areas that I wasn’t able to influence or control, I found myself more content with their progress or how they were happening. It felt like I saw the world a bit clearer, even though that’s a bit of wish washy statement!


Best Self Pro’s


The things you write in the journal each day don’t have to be epic statements or super deep memoirs. It can be absolutely anything that you feel urged to write down. Sometimes you might be trying to work through a difficult problem in your life, so you dive deep into that. Other times you might be stressed because there are a million small errands to run before an upcoming trip. It’s that simple, you just let it flow. The effectiveness of it, is in the simplicity of it.

Time Commitment

Like I said before, I used to consider journaling as a longer process where I would devote an hour or more to it so that I could really get lost in the writing. This is not like that. It’s 5-10 minutes a day, and it makes a huge impact. We’ve all heard of the 80/20 rule, and this is whole heartedly following that. The 20% of your thoughts to get 80% of the clarity. Like Tony Robbins once said, “If you don’t have 10 minutes to spare, you don’t have a life.”


Maybe it wasn’t designed for this. But after adopting the practice of writing in my journal every day, I started to leach on that newly built habit to try and build more. So I thought what other things could I do either immediately before or after, or even during the time I was writing in my journal. First, I started oil pulling, while I wrote. You’re not talking anyways, so why not swoosh some coconut oil around in your mouth to help whiten your teeth. Then after I became consistent in my oil pulling habit, I started doing some simple stretches while writing. Nothing extreme or exhausting. But sitting in pigeon pose or in a wide-legged straddle, would add 5-10 minutes each day of stretching. This one is still in progress, but I am still finding myself doing it more often than not, which is more than I used to!


Best Self Con’s

The con I have can not and will not ever be fixed or removed. That’s because it in itself is one of the hidden perks. In doing lots of traveling, there are always so many things to pack. The beauty of the technological era is that so many things are being made digital, that it is easy to bring more things along on your phone or computer. The Self journal, is not one of those things. It requires you to add on a small notebook to your packing list if you want to continue writing. Most of the time I still bring it, because I find the value it brings me is worth a little extra weight. But sometimes, it would be nice if there was an app. I know deep down, however, that pulling me away from the technology and putting pen to paper is almost a therapy it itself, so I guess things could be worse!:)

is the self journal worth it


Would We Recommend the Best Self Journal?

It really doesn’t matter what walk of life you come from, what you’re job is, what your current stress levels are at, this is one of those tools that can help improve your life from terrible to a little less terrible or even great to a little more great. It doesn’t take any special skills or beliefs, simply to show up and write what’s on your mind. So in saying this, I can absolutely recommend to anyone wanting to find a little more productivity or clarity in their day to day lives, go check out the Best Self Journal now!

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