March 26, 2016 [email protected]

Our Interview on Athlete Minded Podcast

We get asked the question a lot “what goes on in your mind during your ultras?”  (usually following the question, “are you out of your mind???”). It’s a complex subject that ever runner would have a different response. We had the pleasure of being interviewed by Tyson of Athlete Minded Podcast on the subject matter.

athlete minded podcast ultra marathon interview“This episode, I was fortunate to have an ultramarathon duo on the other side of the mic.  Melissa and Jon are not only partners in life, but partners in running as well.  Even on one of their first dates, Jon invited Melissa to run a marathon with him.
The most interesting thing about this podcast was how upbeat they are about training and running.  They look at running 30 miles as fun, and the relationships they build along the way make it an even better experience.

Even though they agree you have to be in near-perfect physical shape for an ultra, they mention how important the mental side is.  The mind will give you doubts about how far you can run or when you think you can finish, but that’s the stuff you have to push through.”

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