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AcroYoga Montreal – Our Teacher Training Experience

jessie and melissa dance
AcroYoga Montreal Teacher Training engulfed our lives for the last 4 weeks. Not going to lie, Jon and I were a bit hesitant at times prior to this training. With now being stationed in Chile, there was lots we had to consider before committing to such a financial and time expenditure. But FEWF!! thanking the yoga karma gods we pushed those thoughts aside; we can easily say this was one of the best experiences we now have under our yoga pants….


Jessie and Eugene, the founders of AcroYoga Montreal (AYM), have successfully associated themselves as pros in the industry soul train acroyogaand now have a badass Teacher Training to offer. I don’t know what it was about these two (maybe Eugene’s jaw-dropping strength & flexibility combo or Jessie’s magical saucey humour) but they had us experiencing this deep yearning to learn under them. With a gruellingly physically first week, we all had our egos crushed and were ready to be rebuilt over the next 3 weeks. Each morning started out with a yoga practice…, which is something I have noticed lacking in other acro communities, they’ve all but lost the “Yoga” in “AcroYoga”. In my mind, I feel if you can’t move your own body properly, how the heck do expect to move in sync with another person? Hence, why the yoga in my opinion is crucial and AYM is an obvious advocate of this theory.

How does this compare to other AcroYoga trainings?

I can’t really say myself since this is my first but after hearing thDSC_1291e feedback from other students in this training that have been to multiple other trainings, workshops, etc. world-wide….we chose the best of the best. The perfect concoction of physical and mental growth, integrated with ethics and business aspects, and topped off with the AYM creative processes, made for an exceptionally well-rounded training. We weren’t spoon-fed in this training. Jessie and Eugene not only gave us the space to “create our own”….they forced us all to put on our big kid pants and step up to the innovation plate and get creative. So for the analytic brains like me, it was a good challenge, a VERY good challenge. Instead of pumping out students who are heavily dependent on instruction and stumped upon leaving the training, they developed the opposite; a group of leaders ready to use AcroYoga as a medium to influence personal innovation and social changes in the world.

DSC_1259The physical fitness aspects of this training deserves a big fat gold star. Have you ever done an oblique strengthener, back flexibility, and arm workout all in one……how bout’ on a chair? Yes, you bet it is possible and bloody hard too! Haha. Contrary to popular belief, there are lots of exercises that strengthen your core besides crunches. Whether it consisted of squeezing your head between someone’s legs or hanging off a wooden dowel, we found some of the most creative ways to practice levers. There’s something about partner exercises, which teach you a sense of reciprocity; while my core burns planching out, my partner’s legs are on fire from holding me up…win-win 😉

DSC_1324Then there is the mental aspect. The part that makes you realize there is A LOT of, for lack of a better word, “crap” that we all tend to hold onto. We brush our teeth, we shower, we clean our clothes, we do juice cleanses, we do all of this “cleansing” and “detoxing” but somehow we often neglect “cleaning” one of the biggest parts of us…our mind. I realize that may sound a little hokus pokus. But, from the emotions that surfaced in myself and in others during this training, you would have a hard time arguing it’s all BS. And although it is tough to face your own thoughts sometimes and begin filtering through them, the liberation you get after is sure as hell worth it. We’re often afraid to experience emotions…but it’s essential…it’s human to have emotions. And as the wise Eugene told us, “The moment you stop feeling, you stop experiencing emotion; and then you are no longer human, making you no longer alive….and that’s scary shit”. I think that sums it up pretty well;)

After spending 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, for 4 weeks at a studio you begin to call it home and everyone in that studio becomes your famjam. So now we are leaving Montreal with an expanded family, some forever engrained memories and loaded tool belt of skills.

To touch someone’s heart deep deep down is hard to do….to touch 34 students hearts within 28 days is ever harder. However, the crew at AcroYoga Montreal proves it is possible with some compassion, some passion, and of course AcroYoga delivered in just the right fashion;)


“May my heart turn to practice.acroyoga montreal park
May practice become a path.
May this path dissolve confusion.

May confusion become wisdom.”
– Eugene Poku


Hari OM 🙂
Mel & Jon

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