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A. Vogel Bio Strath Tonic – Product Review

Health Product Review – Biostrath Tonic by A-Vogel

I had the chance to take part in the A. Vogel Bio-Strath Tonic 30 Day challenge this November. When I was first approached to partake in the Bio-Strath Tonic challenge , I didn’t even really know what the tonic was to be honest but I heard the word “challenge” and was sold right away (ultra-athlete mentality I guess). A little more research and I realized how great and unique of a product this actually was. Bio-Strath acts as a nutritional supplement. However, this is not your classic nutri supplement that is a pill dosed in an abundance of synthetic vitamins. This supplement comes from living, natural, Saccharomyces cerevisiae (a nutritional yeast high in B-vitamins). They feed the yeast an assortment of plant extracts and then ferment the yeast. This way all those great extracts the yeast cells gobbled up are released without degrading any of the nutrients like heating would do. But with a living yeast supplement isn’t there the concern for yeast overgrowth in your body? Nope! A. Vogel uses a plasmolysis process which stops yeast from duplicating itself and therefore preventing overgrowth. Very cool.

So let’s get to the nitty gritty points…

Bio Strath Pros:

Bio-Strath review Tonic nutrition supplement

A. Vogel Bio-Strath Tonic

  • Anyone can take it (no age restriction)
  • Does not need to be kept refrigerated (however, I preferred it when it was)
  • Natural organic living source packed with…
    • Vitamin B complex: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin D2
    • Minerals: iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc, calcium & phosphorus
    • Trace elements: chromium, nickel, cobalt, sulphur, vanadium, tin, etc.
    • 20 amino acids
    • 12 essential elements: lecithin, lipotropic factors, mannan, glutan, glutathione, DNA, ARN, co-enzymes Q6, Q7, Q9, Q10, etc.

Bio Strath Cons:

  • Taste; definitely an acquired taste and it was a bit too sweet for my liking but I don’t have a big sweet tooth so those that do might love this stuff
  • Recommended dosage is quite a lot for a busy schedule (1Tablespoon X 3/ day)
  • Do not have the exact quantative breakdown of each mineral and vitamin you’re getting per dose of Bio-Strath

Now to be honest, I didn’t meet the recommended dosage of taking the tonic exactly 3 times every single day, for 30 days, due to a hectic schedule.  After the first few days of taking it I did feel a difference in energy. Being vegan, B-vitamins (especially B-12) is something you have to watch out for so having a good hit of that from this Bio-Strath

Bio-Strath athlete nutrition

Bio-Strath goes to Costa Rica

definitely could have been the main reason.  Jonathan had been suffering from gut problems and was having symptoms of stomach ulcers. But, after snagging my left over Bio-Strath for a couple of days, he’s stomach pains immediately dissipated to the point where he had none at all! Now we can’t say this was the primary cause but putting two and two together it definitely seems like the Bio-Strath played a role in helping him with that.


Overall, I would recommend this product, especially to someone taking a multi-vitamin pill right now. This can act as a general maintenance multi-vitamin but with the factors from a more natural and organic source than most generic pill form multi-vitamins.


To try it out, order a bottle of Bio-strath

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