September 16, 2013

Zaya – HART Foster Dog

Rescue Dog Zaya

Zaya is our newest foster pup.  She was rescued just over a month ago now from Hobbema, AB where she was living as a stray.  When she was brought into the Edmonton Veterinary Emergency Clinic, she was severely underweight and unsure of humans (understandable!).  She was in such rough shape they decided to postpone her spay because they were unsure if she could handle going under anasthesia.  Since being brought in, she has began to trust humans, gained weight (and along with it, lots of energy!), and is slowly picking up the obedience game.

Zaya’s story is like countless dogs in and around Edmonton, throughout Alberta, and worldwide.  Discarded as a dangerous stray and left to fend for themselves.  Animal rescue groups and all of their volunteers devote countless hours of their time, piles of their own money, and yes sometimes sacrifice household items that are sometimes destroyed, to give these K9’s a second chance.

If you have a pet, love dogs, or any animal for that matter, take a look in your life and see if theres any way you could give just a little to this cause.  Whether it be a small donation, some volunteer time, or adopting one of these diamonds in the rough into your family.

I can personally say I’ve seen the changes in a number of these rescue dogs, through adopting my own, and through fostering in the past, and they often bring with them more wisdom, street smarts and loyalty that any dog you will find at a breeder.

We will post Zaya’s progress as she grows and becomes a loving companion!!


Mel and JonZaya humane animal rescue team

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