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Yoga Teacher Training at Prana Yoga Studio

Jonathan and I just received the good news we both have been accepted into the Yoga Teacher Training Certification at Prana Yoga Studio in Edmonton, AB.

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Yoga has played a huge role in enhancing our athletics and overall well-being. I can’t emphasize how important having a connection and awareness of your body is especially being an endurance athlete. Yoga has helped me enhance this awareness of my body; I’m able to tune into individual areas and really push my self via breathing more now than I ever was before.

IMG_0891Whether you are holding a chuterunga for 30 seconds or hearing your abs scream in boat pose; yoga can do wonders for your physical strength! With the mass range of motions and balance poses that are incorporated into yoga, I have seen noticeable differences in my strength and overall control of movement in my body.

Stretching and rolling out are part of every runner’s regime. Through yoga though, I have learnt new techniques and positions to get a deeper and more effective stretch into my muscles, which has been a life saver at the end of a grinder training day. By getting down to the ligaments, tendons, and fascia surrounding the muscles, we’ve seen significant improvements in flexibility and redictions in recovery times.

Balancing races, training, travelling, university, work, foster pooches, etc…life gets hectic pretty fast. Yoga helps us pull your focus away from a chaotic day and calms your mind as you move through the precise movements on your mat.

Finally, one of the main reasons I have fallen in love with this practice is the personal challenge and constantly changing component of it. There is never a dead end. Once you finally master a pose, the next progression is waiting for you. You can make this practice all your own and really test yourself and your mental strength during it. How far can you push yourself physically while still maintaining breath and mental calmness in order to reach that end physical goal? Sounds a bit like a question one might ask themselves during an ultra…

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We have both experimented with almost every yoga studio in Edmonton but we chose Prana Yoga Studio for a number of reasons. From yoga for core to therapeutic yoga for backs to your classic akhanda classes; Prana has some of the most diverse classes offered in the city. A double room beautiful facility makes your practice even more enjoyable. And finally, the yoga instructors are extremely diverse and knowledgeable.

acroyoga ultra mel and jonFollow Jonathan and I on this exciting journey of our Yoga Teacher Training at Prana Yoga Studios starting in January and June. We will consistently be sharing our experiences, challenges, and accomplishments along the way on our Facebook, Twitter, or right here on our website.

If this is something you think you would be interested in or would just like to incorporate more yoga into your schedule you can check out Prana Yoga Studios website at: 200hr Teacher Training Info



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