November 13, 2014

Spartan Race Contest


After the release of the popular movie 300 showcasing just how hardcore the Spartans were, launches a nationwide series of obstacle course races known as the Spartan Race.  Competitors will take on obstacles ranging from crawling under barbed wire, to jumping through a wall of fire.  Spartan Races cater to all levels of runners, from the true spartan warriors who show up gunning for that top spot, to the weekend warriors who are just out to take part in a fun event with some friends.  The great thing about these races is that they are unique and fun, which draws people to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.

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Being completely honest, we have never signed up for a Spartan Race to date, as we tend to enjoy the longer distance events, and truth be told while running ultra’s you usually find yourself running into similar obstacles that are simply naturally occurring.  We’ve had deep and long river crossings, mudded out valleys (climbing up and down) and somehow our race selections seem to have ran us into a lot of cattle over the years :S haha.  Anyways, the enthusiastic folks at Spartan Races contacted us to see if we thought our followers might be interested in their series and they were offering a free entry to give away.  As we know so many people who dabble in long and short distance running, cross fit, obstacle course races, and a multitude of other sports, we thought we’d offer it up in a fun way….and common, who doesn’t love a free give-away??!!


So here what it takes to enter –> Simply comment at the bottom of this page and let us know what event/race/sport it was that you stepped out of your comfort zone to try out.  It doesn’t have to be an in depth story, we just want to share the ideas to hopefully inspire others to take the leap!  For Jon it was signing up for Canadian Death Race having never ran a race before.  And Mel, taking on her first race, Mount Robson Marathon, with only three weeks prep.  No matter how big or small, whether it was ugly or graceful, and it doesn’t matter if you succeeded or failed, the fact of the matter is you did it!!

Finishing last is better than not finishing, and not finishing is still better than not starting.

From those who post here, we’ll draw one person to win a free entry to any Spartan Race anywhere in the continental US (Canadians, it’ll be for your next race-cation!) and for all those who didn’t win, we’ll still post a promo code to get you all 10% off your next entry!  So take a minute to write a quick comment, you could be racing in a Spartan Race sooner than you think!


Mel and Jon 😉

spartan race contest ultra mel and jon

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Comments (19)

  1. Michelle Zingel

    Signing up for my first triathlon… with no bike, no swimming experience, and no running endurance!

  2. Harris

    I wasn’t the best runner when I did high school cross country in my freshman year so the races were always a pain for me at the time. However, during one meet at another high school, which was on my birthday weekend, I was strong enough to run the entire race (I can’t remember how long it was) without slowing down to a run. It was probably the first time I ran an entire course and that was probably my best moment I had in high school cross country.

  3. Brett

    For me it was a Tough Mudder. I did not train and it was very hard. With better training I’d have enjoyed it more.

  4. Greg

    Mine was signing up for a warrior dash that was on a ski mountain. I had no running training at all and I use to be a smoker. That combination made it extremely hard to finish the race. But thankfully I did.

  5. Benton

    Deciding to train for my first marathon made me step out of my comfort zone…it was hard, but I’ve never felt more accomplished (and sore). Would love the chance to challenge myself in a completely new way with a Spartan Race

  6. Annie

    I just completed my first 10 mile trail race and was stoked to finish it. I haven’t run 10 miles in 19 years so this was a major accomplishment for me! I would love to do a Spartan race!

  7. Seth

    A few years ago I completed my first obstacle race, the Primal Mud Run. I was worried I might not be strong enough, but it was a blast and a great motivator for me to get my butt in gear for more races.

  8. Rob

    Not a big race, but signing up for my first 5k a couple years back with no running experience and transitioning to barefoot/ minimalist shoes. Finished fine, but was very sore because I hadn’t corrected my gait yet…heel striking sucks, especially with 3mm of rubber under you! 🙂

  9. Alberto

    I believe it was signing up and completing my first ultra last summer. It was one of Capt’n Karl’s Hill Country 60k night trail runs. I was familiar with running trails at night but nothing even remotely close to that mileage. I think my longest run leading up to this race was a twenty miler in the daylight on asphalt so it was a very new experience for me. With that distance it was challenging being out on the course for 8.5 hours. A lot of lonely footsteps. I think it was more of a challenge mentally. Long story short, I’ve done about 5 other ultras since and getting ready for a 50 miler next month.

  10. Jennifer Anne

    I tried a hot chocolate road race way back and I run all kinds of races now!

  11. Bob

    After finishing a 5-miler with minimal training, I was sure that I could accomplish just about anything…

  12. jasper

    i have never done a race like the spartan and signing up will get me off the couch. the hype of vermont is intriguing…

  13. Heather Sue

    I haven’t exactly stepped out of my comfort zone yet, but a Spartan sprint would be just the thing to make me do it.

  14. Steven

    The Sprint got me off the couch, challenged me, and now I’m in the hunt for my first trifecta!


    This was definitely one of the coolest giveaways we’ve done! Love hearing stories such as all of yours!!:)

    We debated a few of our favourites and the winner ended up being………….Annie and her 10 miler! 😀 These days we hear so often about people’s old accomplishments, so it was great to hear how you not only ran a 10 mile race, but you went BACK to running after your hiatus from the sport!! Impressive and inspiring:)

    Thank you everyone for sharing your stories, Annie check your email for your prize, and everyone else Run Free!!!!!

    PS –> and because we hope to see everyone try out one of these races this coming year, use the promo code SPARTANBLOGGER to get 10% off any Spartan Race!

  16. Annie

    Thank you so much, I am so excited and so grateful!! Best wishes to all of the other applicants in their next adventure!

  17. Allan Wong

    Racing the Spartan Ultra-Beast this year was the most challenging race to date for me. It ended up being about a marathon + distance plus all the obstacles. I had never run a marathon before, so doing it on an obstacle course race was quite daunting to say the least for me. Basically, we had to run two laps of a 14 mile course on the Sun Peaks mountain resort ski mountain. My first lap went great, but my 2nd one was so painful! After I finished I said “Never again!”…only to later to plan for next year! Aroo!!! …and thanks for doing this Mel and Jon!

  18. Allan Wong

    Haha, just realized I was too late, but still happy to share! Thx!

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