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Should I Do A Cleanse?

Should I do a Cleanse?

We do a house spring cleaning every year, change the oil in our car every 3 months, but what do we do to clean plus restore out our own body…..a vessel we use literally every single second of every single day for our whole entire lives??! Ah hah! Unfortunately, most of us reply with “not a whole lot.”

Sure, if you are a pristine dieter, a fully switched on guru in herbs/supplements to make sure your liver, gall bladder, colon, and gelato, ice cream, cleanse, flavoursall are working a-ok….you may not need a cleanse. Even in this situation though, it is hard not to come across toxins/pesticides in your life. They are in our food, in our household products, in our skin-care products, and our air….it’s pretty much impossible to avoid them all (unless you want to go The Bubble Boy…good luck with that:S). And for those of us that enjoy the little treats here and there, that like to have some indulgences (Full Disclaimer; Jon loooooooves his gelato) we have to and should be doing some means of cleansing. We realize that through training/racing, and not eating an A+ diet everyday, we gotta help our body out somehow. We do yoga, recovery, incorporate anti-inflammatory foods into our diet, and do lots in our daily life to stay healthy (more about that here). However, sometimes all of that is just not deep enough to get down to the “junk” hiding within the little crevices of our body.


What cleanse should I try?prairie naturals, recleanse, herbal cleanse, whole body detox

We’ve tried multiple cleanses before: candida, herbal, fasting, ayurvedic, etc. The latest one we gave a crack at was Recleanse from Prairie Naturals, one word: fantastic! They give you food suggestions/recommnedations for the 7 day duration however there are no strict cut backs. Not once on it did I feel like crap or flu-like. I didn’t have to see the bathroom more than usual (seriously, who wants that?) AND I didn’t have to go digging for a bunch of new recipes. If you’re looking for an all around system cleanser, something that won’t break the bank, is gentle and won’t make you change your entire lifestyle for a week….this is a cleanse you should get your hands on.



But whatever you do; make sure to give your body a break, a boost, a full-on-clean out every once in awhile. Try a cleanse.

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