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Saxx Underwear | Product Review

This review will really only apply to half of you, but when it comes to athletics, I have found that the search for a comfortable and quality pair of underwear is not that easy. You need something that feels comfortable, but at the same time will stay comfortable while your active. Whether that’s a brutally hard cross training session, a 3-4 hour baseball game, or a 24hr+ ultra marathon. After about 3 years of trail and error, I’ve finally found a pair of boxers that can keep up with our ultra distance running. I came across Saxx Underwear earlier this summer and gave them a try during training, as we prepped for the Tahoe 200. With only a few weeks of testing them out, they were already #1 on my list to wear for the big race around lake tahoe. And I’m happy to say they went the distance. I wore a single pair of their ultra performance Quest 2.0 boxers for all 205.5 miles of that race. Over 90 hours of straight running, hiking, sleeping and sweating, and they remained comfortable from start to finish.


athletic boxers from Saxx


Now, I want to be transparent with my relationship with Saxx. Earlier in the year I wrote them asking how their products stood up during ultra marathons, and they said they’ve heard some people have used them for ultra races, but weren’t entirely sure if they would make it all the way through a 200 mile race. So they send me some of their boxers to try out, and if they felt good during training, to give them a shot during the 200 miler. This review is not a paid endorsement. I was simply overly impressed with the quality and comfort of Saxx’s products, that I thought I would share for all the other male ultra runners who might struggle with chaffing.


Which Saxx Underwear is Best for Running?

I tried out 4 different styles of their products, and the two that I found the best for running were both from their performance line. No surprise there! But I did find a difference in the two. Their Kinetic Boxers were great for any kind of run or workout where you’ll be pushing the throttle a bit harder. Interval runs, hill repeats, and other higher intensity runs like that, I liked the little bit of compression in them.


For longer training runs I preferred the Quest 2.0 performance pair. An athletic feeling pair of underwear, with a pretty decent level of comfort, but high level wicking, and absolutely no chaffing anywhere at anytime. This was the single pair of boxers I wore for the entire Tahoe 200 Ultra race.


best running underwear for men sax

Photo by: Scott Rokis

What Makes Saxx Awesome?

The biggest thing is probably the ballpark pouch as they call it. A hammock like pouch that “wrap” around the side of your valuable goods. This almost entirely prevents any contact with your inner leg, which is where the worst chaffing usually happens (at least for me). Along with this extra hold, the overall fit of the Saxx boxers feels extremely balanced between tightness and room to move. To explain to you just how well it keeps things in order, I have used my Saxx boxers for yoga a lot recently, and one of the things I’ve always had a problem with during yoga, is when you lay on your stomach, then go into a backbend of some sort (raising your shoulders and/or legs), I’d get a quite a bit of pinching if I didn’t readjust everything down there. But when I’m wearing Saxx, that issue has been all but eliminated, purely because they keep everything in one place, no matter how you move your body.


best underwear for yoga men saxx Does Saxx Make Everyday Underwear? What about different length underwear?

Saxx does make some super comfortable pairs of everyday use boxers. I absolutely love how comfy these are, and they can still handle quite well for short and moderate length runs and workouts. And while I have not tried any of their briefs or longer cut boxers, they do make 4 different lengths underwear, so everyone can stick with what they like.


Cons About Saxx Underwear?

 I always like to include some things that I’d love to see changed, to help show everyone that I’m not just a talking billboard. This one was a bit tough to think through though. I even tried to think whether I liked the colours, but they are actually pretty badass, coming in slick and masculine designs, as well as fun and colourful ones. Then I thought about whether I liked these enough to wear them even under shorts that have built in liners (as most running short come), but Saxx sort of beat me to this one, as they designed a pair of running shorts with Saxx underwear built in as the liner. So in the end, I don’t really have any cons to share with you, Saxx has sort of hit a home run with these. I guess I could say that they are a bit on the pricier side, selling for around the $30 CAD mark. But really with as many perks and features that I’ve mentioned above, its pretty obvious that I would argue they are well worth the money!


If your one of those guys who like to have a solid pair of underwear at the foundation of their wardrobe, something that performs top notch, looks slick, and is super comfortable, a pair of Saxx underwear is most definitely a product you should go checkout.

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