December 11, 2013

Running with the Kenyans – Adharanand Finn

Running with the Kenyans book

If I were to use two words to describe my feelings after reading this book, it would be thought provoking.  It makes you think about life, about running, about how others live around the world.  The bold changes that this author made in his life, and brought his wife and two children along for the ride, opens up your eyes to those crazy thoughts that run through your mind from time to time.

I wonder what it would be like to move there?

I wonder if I would be a better runner if I lived here?

Would I be less stressed living in a more laid back culture? 

From a training perspective I thoroughly enjoyed learning all that he experienced as he tried to keep up with and trail along side the Kenyans.  Finn never went into the nitty gritty details that would bore any non-runner, but had enough information about the training techniques that it inspired me to research the popular Fartlek runs they do there.  These relatively short, up-down intervals are performed at high intensity, which is exactly my cup of tea when it comes to any athletic training.  I gave them a try for about two months at the end of 2013, and I noticed impressive results in speed and VO2 output.  They have worked their way into my run training routine now and I plan to use them throughout my 2014 season.

From a lifestyle perspective, I love the passion and outlook that Finn and his wife take when deciding to uproot and move to Kenya for a year with their small children.  If you can bring an open mind with you into reading this book, it just might inspire you to start looking abroad! What could you learn, who could you meet, who would you inspire?

I’d recommend it to any runner, or those with a passion to dream and imagine life outside the box.

Run Free!

Mel and Jon

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