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Rocktape Rock’N’Roller Review

The RockNRoller is the new foam roller from Rocktape, and we were able to get our hands on one of these just after it was released.  There was no better time to put it to good use, as we were just about to start our AcroYoga Teacher Training in Montreal, and were scheduled to race the Bruce Peninsula Multisport Race shortly after.  So it was safe to say that we had lots of training days ahead of us, which means many sore muscles.  Both of us have always known there is great benefit in foam rolling to fight off muscle stiffness and boost muscle recovery, so we were happy to put the new Rock’N’Roller to the test!

rocktape canada rocknroller foam roller

Roller Size and Dimensions

We would label the RockNRoller as a medium sized roller, which brings with it limitations as well a perks.  Everyone loved a great big foam roller where you never roll off the sides, and the RockNRoller is just big enough we felt comfortable being on it and rarely hitting the edges.  Big muscle groups were no problem and it covered the width of our entire backs.  On the downside however, the RockNRoller did not fit in our carry on suitcases, so don’t plan on popping this roller in for a quick business trip or weekend getaway.  It did however fit in our standard size suitcase to be checked, as you can see below.  And on the topic of packing, this roller packs some awesome features that we’ll hit now!

rocknroller running travel adventure

RockNRoller Features

Both ends of this Rocktape foam roller screw off to reveal the PVC inner tubing which holds the structure of the roller.  This beautiful open space is yours for the taking!  When travelling stuff some clothes inside so you don’t lose out on all that room in your suitcase.  If you’re just going to the gym, toss in your gym clothes, phone and wallet and now you won’t need a gym bag.  We’ve even seen someone use this as their yoga mat carrier! It’s pretty ingenious really, when you’re using one, the other one could always help complement!  And after so many mentions of carrying things in your roller, we should say there is an attachable carry strap that links up on the ends.  And last but not least, Rocktape offers a screw in adapter which connects two RockNRoller’s together so you have a bigger foam roller than you could ever hope for!

foam roller rocktape canada ultramarathon running

How Does the RockNRoller Feel to Use

mel rocktape canada roller for runnersThe internal PVC tubing structure helps the roller to maintain its rigidity even after plenty of use.  While the foam exterior not only provides enough cushion to make the rolling bearable, but the modest textured design feels great along tight, sore muscles.  As ultramarathon runners we obviously love to use rollers to keep our legs loose and ready for the next workout, and the RockNRoller did great on all of our leg muscles.  Once you move up into the shoulders and neck area, we found there were places you still needed the pin point effects of a lacrosse ball, but for the most part, the RockNRoller worked through any large muscle areas, slowly working the fascia and helping the blood flow.  We can definitely say that after even a quick roll out on the RockNRoller, you can feel the blood flow moving back into those areas!


Would we recommend the RockNRoller?

We would highly recommend the Rock’N’Roller by Rocktape, mostly because it seems to find a comfortable medium ground between a large sized foam roller that take up space in your house, and the tiny travel rollers that can barely stretch the width of your thigh let alone your back.  The RockNRoller sells for $54.99 through Rocktape Canada, and we both agreed that the ROI in the form of muscle recovery is well worth the price!

So whether you’re an athlete searching for self care techniques to keep your feeling recovered between massages, or you simply want a tool that can help you find a little more mobility again, give the RockNRoller by Rocktape a try.  You won’t need to take a course or anything, it even comes with a instructional poster to get your started the day you open it up!


And as our old friend from Body Break used to say “Till next time, keep fit and have fun!”

Mel and Jon

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