September 28, 2013

Review – ENERGYbits

energyBITS sports supplement spirulina

The great people at ENERGYbits were kind enough to share some of their new unique product with Mel and I to test out during our ultra marathon training.  I had the opportunity to try their bits out during a triple day on the Jacobs Ladder.  While working night shift, I decided to do an hour on the ladder before work, and hour on my lunch break, and an hour after work, so bottom line I knew I was going to need lots of fuel that night.

I threw back about 20-25 bits while driving into work for my first workout.  I felt quite energized for this one, even with a 20 lb vest on.  Didn’t feel any kind of spike or bonk in energy so was pleased with how they helped.  I held judgment at this time as there are lots of factors that can help you have one good workout.  I then tossed back about 20-25 bits before my after work climb.  Due to this being at about 530 am after a 12-hour shift, I was feeling the calling to skip and head home to get some sleep.  The bits pulled through for me here and I went into it feeling well fueled and maintained through my whole hour on the ladder.

Things I liked about ENERGY bits:

  • All natural product – no need to worry about fillers or chemicals
  • Easy to bring with you
  • Didn’t aggitate my stomach at all – which is valuable in ultra endurance events
  • Steady stream of energy – didn’t need to keep popping the bits

Things that could be better about ENERGYbits:

  • As easy as it might be, its still a bit weird having to swallow 20-30 pills all at once
  • Only being one calorie makes me think we’d need to use this as a supplement to regular food for races, as you’re burning through calories a lot faster than you can take them in.  We’d need to further test these out to see how they perform.
  • Need to buy quite large quantities of them so can be a bit on the pricier side

Bottomline, would I try them again? Yes, would I recommend others to try? Yes.  These fall quite well into our clean and healthy vegan diet, but would also be a great product to those who are looking for a simple way to fuel themselves a bit more of a natural way.

Check out ENERGYbits for more info, and for those wondering we were in no way endorsed by ENERGYbits, simply given some samples to test out and share our opinions.  Hope it helped!!
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