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Next Ultra Marathon Adventure is Set for Madagascar, Africa

“We have one chance in our lives, to do something great!”      

Ray Zahab (Founder of I2P)                                    

From the hot plains of South Dakota to the humid jungles of Costa Rica, 2013 challenged Mel and I in ways we could have never imagined.  We’ve changed our diets, our footware, our goals and most importantly our outlook on the amazing sport of ultra marathon running.  After competing in 4 memorable races throughout the 2013 season, we look forward to new year and the opportunities that are out there.  One of our biggest challenges has been set, a 7 day/6 stage race in Madagascar, Africa!

racing the planet roving race africa4 Deserts organizes 4 annual events every year, located in the Atacama Desert, the Gobi Desert, the Sahara Desert, and Antartica (Bi-Annual race).  7 Years ago they introduced a yearly “Roving Race” which would follow the race structure of their popular 4 race series, yet the location would change every year.  Having been hosted in destinations such as Nepal, Vietnam and Iceland to name a few, the 2014 Roving Race is set to take place in beautiful Madagascar.

Having always been a dream destination for both Mel and I, Africa is home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes and wildlife this planet has to offer.  Not to mention some extremely elite running cultures throughout.  Madagascar is ever more unique in the sense that over 90% of its flora and fauna is only found on the island itself.  It will truly be enlightening to run over 250km through this country.

impossible 2 possible adventureOn top of the entensive training and preparation that is going to be required for this race, we are partnering up with Impossible 2 Possible to raise funds for their youth expedition program, which works to inspire, educate and empower today’s up and coming youth.

This race will be life changing for us and we want to share everything we learn and go through with those around us.  We hope we can inspire you to become a bit healthier, reach out to someone in need, help spread awareness of a global problem, or any little change than can brign a smile to someone elses face.

Ultra mel and jon ultra marathoners africa

Run Free!            

Ultra Mel and Jon    

Ps. NDIZOTHEKA: is a term thats used in parts of Africa that essentially means “anything is possible!” We first learned of the term in a film called The Boy who Flies.  Super inspirational and we both highly recommend it!

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