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Mel’s Yogi Adventures: Weekend 1

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Jon and I kick-started our 200 hour- Yoga Teacher Training last weekend at Prana Yoga Studio! After only the first weekend I am able to tell this is going to result in a mass transformation for  both of us. Instead of feeding you with the details of our training each day, I will be doing a recap of each training weekend (pretty much every second weekend) to share some of my experiences, challenges, and goals.

First impression:

I honestly had no idea what to expect when coming into this training. Was it going to be heavily based in yoga philosophy or was I in store for a gruelling physical 9 hour yoga session  each day. Thankfully it was a happy median of both. From philosophy, to breathing techniques, to guiding others into poses and even exploring the ayruvedic diet – we will be coming out of this training as well rounded yogis:)

For me, the most eye opening experience of the weekend was when everyone in the class shared what drew them to  this training. Was there one pinnacle moment that pushed them to sign up or was it something they had been pondering on for quite sometime? Due to confidentiality I won’t be sharing names, but some of these people had some remarkable stories! Whether yoga helped them recover after coming out of an a coma or helped keep them grounded through their divorce…yoga seems to be this universal medicine. It’s amazing how yoga can be an aid for so many different circumstances.


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Sitting for 30 min cross legged is hard….sitting for 5 hours cross legged is brutal!! Holy smokes you can tell you’re a runner when you’re hip flexors and hamstrings are screaming “Mercy!” after sitting for an hour cross legged on your mat. I always knew those muscles were tight but definitely not to that extent. Good news: I now know what I need to focus on while stretching out. Bad news: Until I get those buggers loosened up, I’ve got some uncomfortable weekends ahead of me (thankfully the instructors provided some alternative seated positions to use in the mean time…fewf!).

Also , this year looks like it is going to be a year of new languages for me. Tackling the tongue-twister Sanskrit names for all of the yoga postures is not going to be an easy feat…I mean, I could barely get through high school French. But after 200 hrs of this training and having the instructors break each word down to almost a song format for us…I think it’s going to end up being a lot easier than I’m thinking (hopefully haha).

Overall, I am ecstatic I decided to jump onto taking this training and so lucky I get to do it with Jon by my side too. Cannot wait to see what else it has in store for us!

Till next time…Namaste!

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