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Mel and Jon – in a 100 words or less

We are Ultra Mel and Jon,Mel and Jon ultra marathoners xero shoes

The secret to how we met is the one things we have and will always keep between the two of us.  It has however spawned a couple/team/duo that strives to reach limits in so many aspects of life.  From training to run ultra marathons together, in huarache sandals, on a vegan diet, to helping rescue and re-home the less fortunate K9’s in our world, we are starting this blog to share, inspire, educate and most importantly network all of you!

Our posts will vary from our training and race preparations, to our everyday life at work/school and as an on the go couple, but will share with you windows of opportunity to become involved in the niches that we play around in.  Whether you just like to read up on our progress, triumphs, and many failures along the way, you’re interested in our fitness regime, diet, outdoor activities and all the gear we put to the test, or have a love for animals, follow along and share things happening in your life!

We look forward to meeting and getting to know you all in person!

Melissa and Jonathan

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