May 10, 2014

Look Up – Reflective video

Typically we like to keep our blog to our own thoughts, words, and photos, otherwise it becomes sort of a sharing billboard that loses credibility as people begin to skim over things daily or even hourly that you’re posting.  This video however sunk deep into both of us.  Take a watch, it’s not long, then read on below.


Look Up Video

Two things seemed to shine out at us from this sad reality of a video.  One was simply that almost all of us are guilty of this in some way shape or form.  Whether its your email, facebook, fantasy league, or whatever else you crave to keep tabs on, they all take away for the precious time we have in our lives. We chatted after this video and decided that one day a week each, we will wake up to our phone alarm and turn it off … completely off, for the whole day.  This will allow us to focus on training, being together, catching up on chores or assignments, whatever needs some attention.

Second notion that popped out at us is the way people selectively choose what they choose to share on social media.  This creates such a false sense of glamous lifestyles that it begines to skew our outlook on our own lives and think that it’s inferiors to our facebook friends.  From this we came up with the idea to start including things on our social media that might not be so happy go lucky.  The grimacing faces during workouts, the akward falls we sometimes make in a focused yoga practice, and of course the absolute kitchen fails when our “wing it” approach to cooking sometimes goes down the tube.  These are all part of life! We are human, we make mistakes and there’s no shame is letting others know that you aren’t “perfect”.


So get ready to laugh, we sure have learned to!  And to give you a taste of what is to come, here’s a couple in action fail shots!

melissa yoga for runners handstand fail




jonathan yoga pose arm balance fail

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  1. tammy

    Great video, I agree with it! I think many people use social media and blogs to create an online persona that is egotistical and self-serving. The personas that are created are often not in alignment with how the person actually is or behaves in day to day life. It is one thing to cite positivity and acceptance in your online persona, for example, but to live it in your day to day interactions with other people in the ‘real world’ is completely different. Often these personas are a cover for the insecurities and traits we lack as humans. I hope you find and continue your alignment!

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