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How to save BIG BUCKS on outdoor clothing!

Outdoor Clothing Hack 101

This is an interesting (…somewhat embarrassing) story that we finally came to the conclusion that it is worth sharing to all the outdoor enthusiasts out there.  Everyone who’s shopped at Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC) or REI knows that shocking feeling when you flip over the price tag on that sweet Black Diamond sweater, or those bad ass Patagonia hiking pants.  Some of us double take, some search for the accessory that MUST come with it for that price, but all of us eventually come to terms with the fact that the good stuff will cost you when it comes to outdoor clothing.  Now this isn’t a lecture about doing your diligent research on your gear and clothing and how it can save you money, or increase your safety or comfort….that’s just not how we roll! This is just an insightful story that might intrigue some of you thrifty shoppers out there.

Mel and Jon’s shopping adventure to MEC for hiking pants…

One word of caution we do have to lay out, is that this tip will only be suitable for those people out there of a certain shape or size.  Not that we’re trying to be judgemental or anything…. but you’ll figure it out.

melissa hiking pants adventureMelissa had been endlessly searching for about a year for a pair of hiking pants that actually fit her waist line (she’s pretty slim:P) without paying an astronomical price.  We had browsed through the racks of all your mainstream outdoor gear shops, regular sporting good stores, anywhere and everywhere, however nothing was small enough.  So time to face the facts, swallow her pride and take a gander over to the boys department of MEC.  She tried on a few and found a couple pairs actually!!! To her surprise the hiking pants she ended up buying weren’t even the largest size in the boys section.  Further to this, after wearing them once she figured out she needed an even smaller pair, now she wasn’t even close to the biggest boys’ clothing size!

So yes have a good laugh at the beautiful photo, but lets be honest, if we didn’t tell you they were kids pants, would you really be able to tell the difference???

Jonathan hiking pants, Mountain equipment coopNow the adventure really begins!

While waiting outside the change room like guys everywhere simply LOVE doing, I held up the pair of pants that Melissa had deemed “too big” for her.  ‘Why, these don’t look far off…’ I thought.  Like a puppy who just saw a squirrel, off I went to search the racks of the boys department.  We all know where this one is going, so lets just say by the end of the day both Melissa and I walked out of MEC with a pair of new children’s hiking pants!!😀

After you’re done laughing at us, check out these numbers.  Comparable pants in the men’s and women’s departments range from $80-150 and we snagged these for a whopping $33!!!  Obviously this “hack” is only suitable for those of us who are on the slender or smaller sizing scales but if you call into this category, or are even remotely close, mind not be a bad idea to check out the kids’ section, no one will know! (Unless you’re like us who blog about it:P)

rocky mountains outdoor hike adventure summit


So that is our hack on how to save money on outdoor clothing, now what is yours?

Have you ever found an unique way of finding a deal or getting a better price on top quality outdoor clothing?

– Mel and Jon

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