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Green Power – Spirulina and Chlorella

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Chlorella & Spirulina; the newest superfoods to start popping up in the market and  starting to replace “Acai” in the common health junkie talk. However, these two green powerhouses have been around long before the time the coined term, “superfoods”, became popular because of things like Booster Juices.  Spirulina and chlorella are now being cultivated worldwide and may just be something you want to add to your daily routine if it is not already. Through my work at a health food store, I see the growing popularity of this product as more and more customers are reaching for it on the shelves. Jon and I have now made these awesome power greens part of our daily routine and definitely feel the effects!

What is Spirulina and Chlorella?

To the eye, a dark green powder that looks like a classic health nuts concoction of veggies. Scientifically, chlorella is a single cell fresh water green microalgae that is rich with nutrients. Spirulina, like chlorella, is also a tiny single cell organism but has a cyanobacterium origin.


Like any super food I could go on and on about all the benefits it has…but I’ll try and keep it brief and hit some of the main points…

  1. Protein –> With roughly 70% protein content and all the essential amino acids in each of these dried greens, you can safely say chlorella and spirulina are The Hulk of the legumes
  2. The B’s –> this supplement is a cornucopia of the B –vits. I won’t name them all but trust maqua greens smoothie prairie naturalse…it has a lot of them.
  3. High iron content (***Vegans are you sold on this stuff yet??***)
  4. Detoxifier and antioxidant helper:
  5. An abundance of pigments
  6. Contains more nucleic acids (RNA/DNA) than any other food (on a DM basis) which gives it a lot of energy-producing potential.
  7. Extremely high in chlorophyll (hence the green colour), which helps remove toxins from the blood
  8. Immune system booster: growth of microflora in the gut

What to look for when buying?

–  Purity: of course the more pure and organic the better. Pay attention to those “non-gmo”, “certified organic”, “no preservatives” labels. Sure, you might be paying a bit more but when you’re fumbling with your wallet and contemplating whether to buy it or not just ask yourself… how much is your health really worth?

–  Cracked cell wall (for Chlorella): This is extremely important to unlock the true benefits of chlorella. We can eat all the healthy nutritious things we want but if it’s not bioavailable enough for our body to absorp and utilize it, we aren’t doing as much good. With the cracked cell wall we reap the benefits chlorella has to offer.

prairie naturals aqua greens spirulina chlorella


The chlorella/spirulina product Jon and I use….and why:

Prairie Naturals Organic Aqua Greens: Spirulina and Chlorella Greens Mix

  • Easy: both the greens already mixed together into one powder
  • Organic
  • Chlorella has a cracked cell wall
  • 100% vegan



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