March 13, 2014

Dried Superfood Bananas

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When we were down in Costa Rica to run in the La Ruta 100km Ultra Marathon, we had the opportunity to visit an Eco Farm just outside San Jose.  This place blew us away with not only the quality of foods they were producing, but the kinds of foods.  Some of the things that impressed us the most were their dried foods.  Gaia Superfoods was their company, and had came up with some unbelievably practical foods and snacks that totally suit the needs of endurance runners.


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One of our favourite, which we haven’t found the perfect recipe and methodology to make ourselves yet, was their dried superfood sheets.  They took tomatoes or even oranges, blended or crushed them down into a paste, added things such as flax or chia seeds and dehydrated this mix into thin sheets.  They could simply be folded up (having a sort of leathery composition) and put into your pack for a run or adventure.  These won’t go bad or mushy in your pack, they’re high in calories and contain simple and natural ingredients!!


The one we want to share with you has become quite a staple for us and our run grub.  Gaia foods took a runners favourite, banana’s, and Superfied them, by curing them in different spices such as tumeric, ginger or cocao.  Once superfied, the banana’s were dehydrated and ready to go.  You could probably find these slipped into the tiny pocket on the side of our handheld bottles, and bagged up and loaded into our packs for further runs.  They are the simple, sweet, and convenient snack that now even helps fight off inflammation!!!

So here’s how we do our super banana’s 🙂

organic bananas nutrition fuelsuper food banana preparation

To start, simply peel your banana’s and slice them down.  We recommend cutting them in half lengthwise, to increase the absorption of the spice and decrease dehydrating time.

Next, pick your poison!! OK bad choice of words, but you get to pick whatever kind of spices you’d like to mix with your bananas.  Whether your aiming for tasty treats or inflammation reduction, there’s plenty to choose from.  Our favourites are tumeric, ginger and cocao, however have tried with success; cinnamon and macca (pricy batch! haha)

healthy banana turmeric powdercuring organic banana mel and jon

They should look something like this.

Time to line them up and start dehydrating!!!

dehydrate healthy super food banana

 No real time or temperature recommendations, just keep drying them out until they don’t feel squishy anymore! 😛  In general, the more you dry them the longer they’re last.  We like them most when there is just enough moisture in them so they aren’t crispy, but only if we know we’ll eat them all up within the week.  If you plan to make large batches and keep them for longer periods of time…bone dry!!

 dried superfood bananas healthy

We hope you like these, please send us any of your cool twists or flavour ideas, we’d love to give them a try!!

Mel and Jon

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