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“We are getting 6 puppies in this Friday and another 6 puppies this weekend! Can you help foster??”

Did you say puppies? Although Jon and I didn’t have the best of luck with our last foster…we couldn’t say no to a couple of puppies in desperate need of a foster home. So this weekend we introduced two new pups into the household, Adelle and Agnes.


Our busy lifestyle of training, working, and adventuring has made our schedules pretty tight during the year but with this year’s race season coming to a close for us, we thought this might be the perfect time to do what we can to help. Although we are still in intense training and working/going to school we aren’t

heading out on as many out of town trips. So here we are with two new adorable but VERY vocal pooches.

First night we picked these two little ladies up was an adventure to say the least. We were a little confused when we picked them up why we had copious amounts of puppy pads waiting for us with the pup’s other goodies.


We soon learned why. As soon as we got the in the door within 10 minutes every single bodily fluid you can think of was spread over the pads laid out. That once “copious” amount of puppy pads didn’t seem like so much anymore.

But now for the good:

  •  To simply put it, these two girls are incredibly sweet. Adelle is bit more composed and quite compared toAgnes…in Jon’s word “If Agnes were a human, she would be the first female president.” and I couldn’t agreemore. She’s definitely the boss of the two but still a loving pup. She holds her own and lovesgetting roughed up in the snow while Adelle will watch from the safety of the warm deck.IMG_2423
  • Adelle and Agnes LOVE baths! Good thing because these rambunctious ladies havealready had to have two within the first 24 hours of bringing them home haha
  • Great on walks; they do get tangled from time to time but for the most part they are right beside you or in front of you happily prancing along.
  • Last, but definitely not least, these chicks already know how to “sit” on command! I couldn’t get my 14 year old dogs to do that and these little pups are 9 weeks old!!


IMG_2437If you were ever considering being a foster home or want more information on it please visit .

Fostering is extremely rewarding and HART is in desperate need of fosters right now with winter upon us and more and more rescues coming in.  If you are not from the Edmonton, I highly recommend looking up animal rescue groups in your area to see what ways you can help out!

Spay Neuter Clinic – Hobbema

This past weekend we were able to join in to support the Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force  during their clinic in Hobbema, AB.  All weekend long they had rescue teams out searching through the community, interacting with the locals, in hopes of finding stray dogs and cats who could use a bit of much needed medical attention.  In an effort to control the pet populations throughout the area, and in turn benefit the safety of citizens and the health of those animals already living in the area, over 250 dogs and cats were brought in for treatment.


As this was my first clinic, one of many that Melissa had attended, I was absolutely shocked to see the organization and attention to details that this organization has developed into their clinics. Having a thorough screening, surgery, recovery and release system set up, the upwards of 200 amazing volunteers were put to use extremely efficiently.  I was glad to simply be there let alone being able to lend a hand in whatever needed to be done so that these less fortunate animals could receive the help they needed.   And for those in need of serious attention, rescue organizations were there to take in these dogs and cats and help find them forever homes.

Organizations like these truly take the time to treat and show love to those dogs and cats that might be born into a world where days are filled with toys, high protein dog food and a warm bed at night.  The volunteers quite literally pour endless amounts of time and resources into this cause, let alone often opening up their homes to some of the rescued animals.  This is all done with little to no return or so much as a thank you.  If there was one thing I was able to take home with me after this weekends clinic it was asking myself “how can I do more?”

Thats also the question that we put to those of you reading this…

Could I volunteer my time… open up my home to a foster… adopt another pet… donate some of my dogs old toys and supplies… or even make a small donation to help these rescue organizations continue to support this cause.  So take a read over the ASNTF website, get in touch with your local SPCA, or just google animal rescue groups in your area, and hopefully you can find a way for you to do your part.




Zaya is our newest foster pup.  She was rescued just over a month ago now from Hobbema, AB where she was living as a stray.  When she was brought into the Edmonton Veterinary Emergency Clinic, she was severely underweight and unsure of humans (understandable!).  She was in such rough shape they decided to postpone her spay because they were unsure if she could handle going under anasthesia.  Since being brought in, she has began to trust humans, gained weight (and along with it, lots of energy!), and is slowly picking up the obedience game.

Zaya’s story is like countless dogs in and around Edmonton, throughout Alberta, and worldwide.  Discarded as a dangerous stray and left to fend for themselves.  Animal rescue groups and all of their volunteers devote countless hours of their time, piles of their own money, and yes sometimes sacrifice household items that are sometimes destroyed, to give these K9’s a second chance.

If you have a pet, love dogs, or any animal for that matter, take a look in your life and see if theres any way you could give just a little to this cause.  Whether it be a small donation, some volunteer time, or adopting one of these diamonds in the rough into your family.

I can personally say I’ve seen the changes in a number of these rescue dogs, through adopting my own, and through fostering in the past, and they often bring with them more wisdom, street smarts and loyalty that any dog you will find at a breeder.

We will post Zaya’s progress as she grows and becomes a loving companion!!


Mel and JonZaya

Mel and Jon – in a 100 words or less

Hi,Born to run piggyback

The secret to how we met is the one things we have and will always keep between the two of us.  It has however spawned a couple/team/duo that strives to reach limits in so many aspects of life.  From training to run ultra marathons together, in huarache sandals, on a vegan diet, to helping rescue and re-home the less fortunate K9’s in our world, we are starting this blog to share, inspire, educate and most importantly network all of you!

Our posts will vary from our training and race preparations, to our everyday life at work/school and as an on the go couple, but will share with you windows of opportunity to become involved in the niches that we play around in.  Whether you just like to read up on our progress, triumphs, and many failures along the way, you’re interested in our fitness regime, diet, outdoor activities and all the gear we put to the test, or have a love for animals, follow along and share things happening in your life!

We look forward to meeting and getting to know you all in person!

Melissa and Jonathan

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