How to Tie Huarache Sandals like a Tarahumara!!

How To Tie Huaraches

When we travelled to Costa Rica to run the La Ruta ultra marathon, we were fortunate enough to spend the week before the race with about 15 Tarahumara runners who had travelled from Mexico to compete in the race.  In this time we shared our modern day style huarache sandals from Xero Shoes, and they shared their handmade traditional huarache sandals with us.  At first we were skeptical about their tying method, as it looked quite insecure, we were convinced after the Tarahumara racers swept the podium, wearing their simple huaraches for the entire 100km ultra marathon.  This is how the Tarahumara showed us how to tie huarache sandals, and we hope you give it a try and send us a pic!!!

How to Tie Huarache Sandals like the Tarahumara

tying huarache sandals mel and tarahumara runner

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