December 2, 2013 [email protected]

Adelle and Agnes – HART Foster pups

“We are getting 6 puppies in this Friday and another 6 puppies this weekend! Can you help foster??”

Did you say puppies? Although Jon and I didn’t have the best of luck with our last foster…we couldn’t say no to a couple of puppies in desperate need of a foster home. So this weekend we introduced two new pups into the household, Adelle and Agnes.

HART foster dog rescue adoption

Our busy lifestyle of training, working, and adventuring has made our schedules pretty tight during the year but with this year’s race season coming to a close for us, we thought this might be the perfect time to do what we can to help. Although we are still in intense training and working/going to school we aren’t

heading out on as many out of town trips. So here we are with two new adorable but VERY vocal pooches.

First night we picked these two little ladies up was an adventure to say the least. We were a little confused when we picked them up why we had copious amounts of puppy pads waiting for us with the pup’s other goodies.


We soon learned why. As soon as we got the in the door within 10 minutes every single bodily fluid you can think of was spread over the pads laid out. That once “copious” amount of puppy pads didn’t seem like so much anymore.

But now for the good:

  •  To simply put it, these two girls are incredibly sweet. Adelle is bit more composed and quite compared toAgnes…in Jon’s word “If Agnes were a human, she would be the first female president.” and I couldn’t agreemore. She’s definitely the boss of the two but still a loving pup. She holds her own and lovesgetting roughed up in the snow while Adelle will watch from the safety of the warm deck.rescue dog first bath HART
  • Adelle and Agnes LOVE baths! Good thing because these rambunctious ladies havealready had to have two within the first 24 hours of bringing them home haha
  • Great on walks; they do get tangled from time to time but for the most part they are right beside you or in front of you happily prancing along.
  • Last, but definitely not least, these chicks already know how to “sit” on command! I couldn’t get my 14 year old dogs to do that and these little pups are 9 weeks old!!


humane animal rescue team, mel and jonIf you were ever considering being a foster home or want more information on it please visit Humane Animal Rescue Team

Fostering is extremely rewarding and HART is in desperate need of fosters right now with winter upon us and more and more rescues coming in.  If you are not from the Edmonton, I highly recommend looking up animal rescue groups in your area to see what ways you can help out!


Mel and Jon!

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