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As many of you have probably seen before in our pictures, we use an athletic tape called Rocktape in our training as well as on a day to day basis.  We had the opportunity to attend the FMT RockDoc certification seminar this past weekend in Calgary, AB.  To say it was useful would be a huge understatement, and on top of this we met some great people there.

Now I won’t try to teach this course in a short post here, but to give you an idea of why exactly we wear Rocktape and how it can be used. Keep in mind that Rocktape is not a be all end all injury repair and prevention product.  It can assist your body to stay stronger for longer during activity, or support an injured area while you work on correcting the issue.

Pain Reduction and Performance Supportive Applications1235015_395989760501345_1859716555_n

The criss cross wrap around Melissa’s knees during this race was to help her body track her patella correctly while running.  While Rocktape will have a certain degree of support within an application, it will also have subconscious affects on the brain and how it controls the muscles in that area. Melissa used to run into some pretty extreme knee pains in just a 3 hour run (pretty short for us) but during this 100 mile race, she did not once have a problems with her knees…completely pain free for 26 hours…I think that says enough in itself.






The red strip of tape running up my IT band in this photo (granted can only see bottom tail end) was used to help my IT band from “sticking” too much to my quads and hamstring muscles as the scar tissue builds up through the race.  Rocktape will assist with separating the layers of the tissue below it, this allowing my leg muscles to flow a bit smoother.





Postural Support


This is a bit of a tape collage from the hands on practice during the seminar.  Perhaps this was Melissa’s way of telling me I have bad posture… :S haha.  All three of the applications on my back give the body subtle cues to hold itself in the correct position.  Whether its used and worn day to day to try and improve a postural problem, or applied during exercise where you know form/posture has a tendency to decline (say running a 100 miles…).

Edema Recovery

This was one topic that caught my attention when you can see photo’s of the results.  When someone has acquired a rather large edema (aka bruise) Rocktape can actually be applied to increase flushing of that area and speed up healing.  Check out this google search:

qi=2&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ&biw=1210&bih=684#q=kinesio+tape+edema&tbm=isch to see some pretty compelling photo’s what the impact Rocktape can have.  Whoever would have thought an argyle tape job would have more benefits that just looking chic.


To say the least we met some switched on people at this seminar, learned some valuable skills, and came out bigger believers and supporters of Rocktape, both the company and their product.  We absolutely LOVE this product and highly recommend anyone try it out if you haven’t yet. Any questions at all about this post and this product,  comment, send us an email, or check out for more info on their products or upcoming seminars. You can check out our RockTape Athlete profiles at

Until next time #Rockon and #RunFree

Mel and Jon


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