Verdict on Vitamix…

So we spent 5 days eating only food that we could prepare in our new shiny Vitamix blender.  We attempted to test it out on a wide range of food types, from smoothies to soup, almond butter to mashed “potatoes”, chopped veggies and ground together some veggie burgers.  This was a rather extreme challenge for the average person, but I think it gives a good taste of what this little machine can really do.

Green smoothie


The Verdict – worth $500 or not??

The verdict is quite simple in our minds … two thumbs up, five stars, worth the investment, however you want to put it….we would buy it again!! This blender not only showed us the financial benefit you get with making more of your own food (ie. salsa, guacamole, nut butters, and so much more we didn’t have time for) but also on the nutrition side of things.  Melissa and I consumed approximately 2/3 of what we would normally on a daily basis and didn’t fall back at all with our training during this time.  Neither of us noticed a lack of energy, slowing of recovery, or any cravings for solid food.  Getting our Vitamix loaded with super foods like hemp hearts and chia seeds made it easy to get a bottle of energy packed fuel within a few minutes.


Things to keep in mind

Like with everything you can’t be distracted by all the bells and whistles; like when you buy a car, you can’t let the fancy GPS system take your mind away from thinking about the maintenance costs.  With our Vitamix, we discovered a few things we think people should know before buying:Smoothie bottled

  • You will have to use the push stick… especially when your using more solid foods such as almonds for almond butter or raw sweet potatoes, they will need some physical encouragement to make their way down to the blades.
  • The settings require a bit of getting used to … it will take a few tries to get use to how fast you can increase the blade speed so you get the desired consistency (pureed, chopped, etc.). However, we can guarantee you it does not take a rocket scientist to figure it out.
  • Just because its a jet powered engine shredding apart your food… what you put in there may still taste like crap!!!  This we learned from our mashed cauliflower potatoes.  They blended down fine and into a rather smooth texture, but for some reason still tasted like Goldilock’s nasty porridge.  So your recipes will still require a bit of culinary creativity and might have to go through a few misses to get a good hit!


Selling Points

Jonathan: This thing self cleans!! …. just add some warm water and a bit of dish soap and turn it back on and it does the work for you!!!

Melissa:  ITS FAST!… even with very hard foods like raw veggies, its rips them apart with ease, taking a ton of the work load off your digestion system.


We were able to test out so much in 5 days with our Vitamix blender and open our eyes up to a whole new culinary horizon… if you’ve been debating this purchase for your kitchen then head out there and pick one up, see where it will take you!


Mel and Jon


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