May 29, 2014

100 Days of Happiness :)

For those of you who follow the Ultra Mel and Jon Facebook page, I’m sure you’ve been seeing our day by day pictures tagged with #100happydays.  100 Happy days was a foundation created to bring small bits of happiness back into peoples everyday lives.  Or more importantly, its focus is to bring attention to these moments of pure happiness and help us appreciate them.happy inspirational quote

#100happydays is free to do and you can use twitter, Facebook or instagram as your platform for posting your moments of happy!  If you can maintain this pattern of happiness by posting 100 days in a row, then you can “back” their foundation (on multiple different levels) and have a photo album created with all 100 of your happy photo’s!!

Visit their website for all the information as well as more details on their foundation and what they do to share happiness all over the world.

Why we chose to participate???  Sometimes the best parts in life are so very simple.  Remembering to capture and share a moment in your day that brought you happiness takes almost no effort at all, yet bring us great appreciation for the blissful moments.  In the long run, doing something continuous for 100 days straight can easily lay a foundation for a continious habit in your life.  So take part, sign up and share your happiness with those around you! 🙂


We hope to see many of those who comment, like, retweet or whatever this topic, sign up and find their own 100 Days of Happiness!!!

Ultra Mel & Jon share happiness– Mel and Jon

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